Bread Fridays: Mice

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Mice Ratoncitos

Here's another creation by those amazing Mexican bakers I found while traveling in Mexico recently. These little gems are moist on the inside and completely covered in chocolate on the outside. I love how the chocolate is a little bit firm and crackles into melty bits when you bite into them. The crumb is chocolatey, too, just in case you were worried.

They look like mice, but there's nothing cheesy about them, this is chocolate paradise.

If you are a fan of Mexican bakers, too, and would like to see other breads featured in this series, don't miss the others at estropajos, cacahuates, bolillos, orejas, libros, conchas, soles, chinos, pay de queso, roscas chinas, puerquitos, huacales, ojos and niños.

Have a yummy Friday.

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