Bread Fridays: Soles (Suns)

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If it's Friday, then it's Bread Friday, and you know what that means– another yummy Mexican sweet bread to feast your eyes upon! Today's Mexican baker's delights are special breads called soles, or suns, because they have the iconic look of the Mexican sun. I like soles because they are crunchy (I like a good crunch) and they're sweetness is more subtle. The soles shown here were baked in a small town in the very southern part of Guanajuato state, near the border of Michoacán.

Now if you haven't had the chance to the see the other breads featured in our Bread Friday series, make sure to check them out, too. We have featured estropajos, cacahuates, bolillos, orejas, libros, and conchas.

Have a yummy day!

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