Bread Fridays: Conchas


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Today is Bread Friday and you know what that means: Another in our delicious series featuring some of the yummiest breads in Mexican.

The concha, or shell, is one of the most popular Mexican sweet breads. The distinctive shape and sugary pattern on top makes them recognizable even from a distance, which just gets the mouth watering that much sooner. The concha just may be the most popular Mexican bread of all. The sugary lines on top can come in chocolate brown, ivory, or pink. They are soft and sweet and, like so many other Mexican breads, pairs well with Mexican style hot chocolate.

If you haven't had the chance to see the other breads in this series, be sure to see my posts on libros, orejas, bolillos, cacahuates, and estropajos as well.

Have a yummy Friday!

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