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Hello Silvia,
I really enjoy reading your journey to improving your yard by turning it green. I am having the same problem I live in one of the hotest, I mean hotest area’s in California.
I am working to put grass in my backyard, but the soil is like dessert sand, nothing is retained by the plants much less the grass.
I been putting top soil this summer and will be putting some ingredients to help my soil get stronger.


Hola, me gusto mucho tu pagina, puedes incluyir mas informacion sobre los sorteos?


Hola,estoy queriendo participar en los concursos de neutrogena y l’oreal pero parece que sigo equivocandome si este no resulta creo que no voy a insistir mas . de igual forma siempre mirare tu pagina porque es super buena.DIOS TE BENDIGA y un FELIZ ANO NUEVO. ATT ANA


We are expecting our first baby in March and I would like him to speak Spanish and English. My native tongue is Spanish, though I am completely bilingual. My husband only speaks English. How did you start teaching your children both languages?

Carmen Barraza

Hola!! mi nombre es Carmen Barraza y estoy participando en todos los sorteos que haces por dia…me gustaria saber si los nombres de las ganadoras estan siendo publicados en alguna parte de tu blog o en tu facebook…gracias…

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