Bread Fridays: Pay de Queso

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Pay de Queso


Well now, don't these look yummy?! Today's Bread Friday offering is Pay de Queso. Literally, Cheese Pie. But the literal translation doesn't really sound right to me for some reason- maybe it just takes a little getting used to. But until I do, maybe a truer translation would be cheesecake. But even that doesn't satisfy me, because these yummy morsels are definitely different from what is commonly thought of as cheesecake in the United States. Cheesecake in the U.S. is very rich and creamy and sweet. These are lighter and they are (I'm trying to say airier, but I don't think that's a word) more airy, you can see space in the crumb. They are sweet, not savory, and oh so delicious. The ones pictured here are 4 to 6 bites in size, depending on your level of self control. Enjoy!

Find other delicious creations from the bakers of Mexico featured in my Bread Fridays series at each of these links,  estropajos, cacahuates, bolillos, orejas, libros, conchas, soles and chinos.

Have a yummy day!

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