Bread Friday: Huacales

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As you've probably gathered, I love Mexican Breads, both sweet and savory. I've been able to indulge my love quite a bit, too, because the town my family comes from is particularly famous in Mexico for its tasty bread treats. Today's Bread Friday entry is called a Huacales. It's named after a sort of wooden box. Sometimes these boxes are made of other plant material, too.

Huacales Mexican Bread

Anyway, the bread version is squarish and box like, too, even though the shape can change a bit while baking. And, as you can see, it is filled with yummy cream. You definitely want to hold this one over your plate! It's crispy and sweet and flakey and creamy. What's yummier than that?

Do you love sweet treats like this, too? Be sure to see other breads featured in this on-going series at estropajos, cacahuates, bolillos, orejas, libros, conchas, soles, chinos, pay de queso, roscas chinas and puerquitos.

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