Bread Fridays: Bolillos

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A couple of weeks ago I began a series here called “Bread Fridays.” I started it to share photos of some of the amazing breads I've encounter in my journeys to Mexico. Judging from the feedback, I'm not the only one who loves bread. To see more scrumptious examples, please check out my posts on estropajos and cacahuates.

Today's Bread: Bolillo

If there is a Mexican daily bread, it has to be the lovely bolillo. Golden brown on the outside and soft and chewy on the inside, they are fantastic dipped in chocolate; with strawberry preserves; sliced and placed open face to toast on the comal, then buttered and sprinkled with sugar; they are used for tortas; and pambazos, an amazing meal where they are dipped in enchilada sauce and fried on a comal, just like enchiladas.

But probably my favorite way to eat them is plain and still warm from the oven. I love the crackle on the outside and just tearing into them and eating them one yummy bite at a time.


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