Gift Ideas for Mexican Food Lovers


The holiday season is here and we have gift ideas for the Mexican food lovers in your family. From beautiful Mexican glassware to kitchen gadgets, to flavorful extracts for baking delicious Mexican desserts, there is something for everybody.

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I bet you have a foodie or two among your family and friends. How about someone who loves Mexican food? I know I do. Well, this gift guide is especially for you. It will help you find the perfect present for those special food lovers in your life.

To make things as easy as possible, we've added links so you can buy them directly from the comfort of your own home.

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Gift Ideas for Mexican Food Lovers

Instant Pot

This beauty is an electric pressure cooker, rice cooker, slow cooker, yogurt maker, warmer, all rolled up in one! I own one (the biggest!) myself and I love it.

Get the Instant Pot here.

Ideal for cooking beans, making arroz and even making beef barbacoa or al pastor in a fraction of the time when you use the pressure cooker function. It’s also very quiet. 

Tamalera or Steamer Pot

The Tamalera or Steamer Pot makes a great addition to any kitchen for preparing classic Mexican dishes, I can't live without mine.

Ideal for making pozole or steaming tamales, among other yummy things. It comes in several sizes. 


For me, a comal works best for heating up tortillas. I own this cast iron comal and I use it so much it never leaves my stovetop.

I have warmed up tortillas, cooked flour or corn tortillas, made burritos and quesadillas and even cooked hamburgers and pancakes on it. Take good care of it and it might just last you forever.

Mexican Stainless Steel Cazo

This very special gift, a Mexican stainless steel cazo is great for making parillada, enchiladas, carne asada, carnitas, or barbacoa. 

It’s big which allows for feeding a lot of people at once. I own one myself and it has been the highlight of many parties. I usually put it on top of my bbq in the front yard and cook something delicious in it.

Nielsen-Massey’s Holiday Flavor Bundle


A great gift for your favorite home baker, that includes yourself! The Holiday Flavors Bundle from Nielsen-Massey Vanillas features Pure Almond Extract, Pure Peppermint Extract and, of course, Madagascar Bourbon Pure Vanilla Extract made from premium, hand-selected and sustainably sourced Madagascar vanilla beans.

Available on Amazon in 2- and 4-ounce sizes, Take advantage of the 20% off 4-oz Madagascar Bourbon Pure Vanilla Extract on Amazon beginning on December 9. Hurry while supplies last one per person.

Here are some Mexican baking ideas to use the Holiday Flavors Bundle: Tres Leches Cake, Mexican Chocolate Pie with Cinnamon Drizzle, Chocolate Mint Cookies and Traditional Mexican Cheesecake.

Are you baking this holiday season? Share your creations on social media with the #BaketoShare hashtag. 

Let’s Spice it Up Salsa Gift Basket

This fun salsa gift basket includes a spicy snack mix, tortilla chips, a variety of salsas and even cheese. 

Mexican Tortillero

In my opinion, every Mexican cook, chef, baker or family should own a tortillero. Tortilleros are not just colorful, they really keep tortillas warm.

This Mexican handwoven tortillero bundle, includes two tortilleros and two Mexican fabric cloths. And they are handcrafted by artisans in Chilapa, Mexico. 


Every Mexican kitchen should have a blender. My grandma used to own two! She kept one on the counter and one in the pantry. She never wanted to find herself without a blender. 

This red Vitamix Blender really says holiday, but you can find it in black or grey, too. Vitamix blenders are so fantastic you can blend, grind, chop, emulsify and even heat up soups in them.

Some recipes to try out: Spicy Lime Granita, Strawberry-Ginger Sorbet, Salsa Verde, Chunky Red Salsa, or Pinto Bean Soup.

Mexican Hand Blown Glasses 

Another very special gift for the Mexican food lover. These artisan hand blown glasses are authentic original NOVICA fair trade products, certified for quality and authenticity. They will make a statement at parties and gatherings. 

They come in a variety of colors and styles, from simple blue cobalt to over-the-top colorful. Great for aguas frescas or Margarita drinks. 

Try them with these aguas frescas: Strawberry Horchata, Lime, Pineapple-Coconut, Jamaica or Watermelon.

Mexican Food Cookbooks

I have two in mind.

The Mexican Home Kitchen by Mely Martínez

I know Mely from her blog and I can tell you she is a foodie. This cookbook showcases a rich variety of traditional home-style Mexican recipes. What I love the most is that there is a photo for each recipe!!

This is a jewel of Mexican food.

The Art of Mexican Cooking by Diana Kennedy

This is a magnificent guide to creating authentic Mexican food. Written by one of the most celebrated authorities on Mexican cooking, Diana Kennedy. This book offers 200 recipes, illustrations and experiences from Kennedy’s more than fifty years of traveling throughout Mexico. 

Do you have any other ideas? Leave me a comment and I'll add them to the list.

Happy Holidays,

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