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Although appearing for just a few short minutes in Disney Pixar's smash hit, Coco, the emotional impact of the character, Chicharrón, voiced by veteran actor Edward James Olmos, hasn't gone unnoticed by moviegoers.

Without giving anything away (I won't spoil it), his scene added a moment of gravitas to the film that may have been what helped transform Coco from a very good Pixar film – already a very high standard in and of itself- to a great one. And that's just fine with Olmos.

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Chicharron scene in Coco - mamalatinatips.com
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The acting legend said recently at a question and answer session after the premiere of Coco, “…each culture has their own way of doing it and it’s wonderful when you learn about it, but this is the first time that I’ve ever seen this explained so simply. And that’s why I took the role. I mean, my part is a cameo, but it’s very whoo, intrinsic to the story...

And we loved that scene.

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Coco opened in theaters in Mexico on October 27th, in the United States and Canada on November 22nd, and opens in Spain December 1st.

Enjoy the trailer

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