Breakfast Egg and Bean Mini-Torta Recipe


Egg and bean mini-torta

My kids love cereal and chocolate milk, it's their favorite breakfast. It's also their favorite snack and merienda (the name we give to the bedtime snack). For me it's a quick, convenient, nutritious and delicious breakfast that works great on chaotic mornings. On mornings when I have a little more time, I give them a little something extra in addition to their cereal and chocolate milk, like mini-tortas. So today, I'm sharing how I put them together. They are super easy!


Egg and Bean Breakfast Mini-Tortas

Portions: this depends on how many tortas your family will eat, if you have mini-bolillos (Mexican style rolls), I would count two per adult, one per small child.

  • Mini bolillos, standard size bolillos, or teleras*
  • Cooked or refried beans
  • Eggs
  • Avocado
  • Salsa Verde (Green salsa) (if you like a little bit of spice)

Fresh bolillos are the best, but if they feel a little bit hard to the touch, you can toast them a little on a comal or pan on top of the stove, or in a toaster oven. Cut each bolillo in half horizontally.


Warm the beans and start frying one egg at a time. Spread beans on the bottom half of the bolillo and add the egg on top of the beans. Cut a few slices of avocado and spread them on the top half of the bolillo.

Bolillo con Frijoles


Add a little salsa verde** on top of the egg, then sprinkle a little salt on top of the avocado and that's it!  Fast and oh so delicious!

* If you cannot get bolillos or teleras, you can use french rolls or baguettes, it won't taste the same, but they will be yummy, too.

** Or try my avocado salsa (it is like salsa verde and avocado all at once!)

Torta de huevo con salsa verde


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