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How many of you eat cereal for breakfast? How many of you offer cereal to your kids and family for breakfast?

My mom used to give me Zucaritas when I was growing up, I think in the USA they are better known as Frosted Flakes.  I still remember the Zucaritas floating in a sea of milk, my mom used to do that, it was more like a soup than cereal and milk, but I loved it.  I have very fond memories of this, my mom used to have cereal bowls with the straws attached to them, my bowl was green, my brother´s was blue.  I think I should look for bowls like those for my kids!

My kids love cereal and milk for breakfast, but also for a snack and sometimes even for dinner.  Sometimes I have one of those days when I don´t want to cook, and cereal, milk, and fruit seem to fit the bill.

How about you?

I have interesting information about Hispanic moms and cereal from the Kellogg´s Breakfast in America Survey, I would like to share it with you:

  • While 9 in 10 Hispanic moms want their kids to eat breakfast every day, 40 percent report that their child doesn’t eat breakfast daily.
  • Nearly two- in-five Hispanic moms believe that breakfast is the most important meal of the day and ensure that their child has breakfast on a daily basis.
  • Hispanic moms are 20 percent more likely than moms overall to get up early to prepare their children’s breakfast.
  • Hispanic moms are 17 percent more likely than moms overall to say their family brings breakfast to work or school.

What are your thoughts? Do any of these results surprise you, or do they confirm what you already know?

For more about the health benefits of breakfast and cereal, please visit

Kellogg’s Breakfast in America Survey of 14,000 Americans of varying ethnicities, income levels, geographic regions and ages revealed that the vast majority of Americans feel breakfast is important.  Kellogg’s, which sponsored the survey, has convened the Kellogg’s Breakfast Council – seven third-party nutrition experts dedicated to helping people understand nutritional information and incorporate nutritious foods and habits into their diets.

Disclosure:  Kellogg´s sponsored a group of Latina Bloggers, which I was part of, to attend a Blogger conference.  Thanks to companies like Kellogg´s, bloggers like me can keep networking and growing to bring our readers more valuable information.  As always my opinions are solely my own.

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Lisa Willhelm

Frosted Flakes are the best. As a kid I loved them. And as far as your results go, I agree the most important meal is breakfast. It gets the metabolism going to be ready for the day.

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