My Liquid, Nutritious Breakfast

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Cafe con leche
My latte (yes, it is whipped cream on top)

My greatgrandmother had a store in a Mexican market and all she sold was milk, cheese, and cream.  My grandmother used to joke that her children were little cows because they drank so much milk.  Thank goodness for that store which kept my mom and her siblings fed.

By the time I came on the scene my family no longer had a milk store.   I still remember going with my mom to a neighbor’s house where we bought raw milk (leche bronca), then, returning home, we put it on the stove to boil while we talked and cleaned beans.  After the proper time, my mom skimmed the fat from the top and put it in a container in the fridge to use later to make cakes and cookies.

During my teen years I used to have a guava or strawberry smoothie made with milk every day.  In my college years the smoothie was replaced with cafe capucchino or cafe con leche (coffee and milk).   Milk’s been my breakfast all my life.

Nowadays, my two little ones have leche con chocolate every day.  And I love my lattes with all that calcium, protein, vitamin D, and other important nutrients inside. (My husband jokes that I drink milk with coffee, instead of coffee with milk).

Chocolate milk and PB sandwich
My kids breakfast (chocolate milk and PB toast)

Now I feel my life has come full circle!  I’m honored to say I have been invited by Got Milk? to take part in its iconic Milk Mustache campaign and share the Thanks-A-Latte message.  I’ll let you in on all the details, like who the new Got Milk? mustache celebrity will be, and other surprises you will definitely be interested in as soon as I can.  Meanwhile, follow the developments on and on twitter @milkmustache and #gotmilk .

Last year at BlogHer (see here about BlogHer), I got my milk mustache picture taken, and this year if you are at BlogHer in San Diego, stop by booth #434 and enjoy a latte and share your breakfast routine with us!

Disclosure:  My participation in the Got Milk? Mustache Campaign is compensated by MilkPEP.  All comments, stories and smoothies are solely my own.

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