Pinto Bean Soup [Sopa Tarasca]

pinto bean soup - sopa tarasca

I have a quick story about this Pinto Bean Soup, or, as we call it in Mexico, Sopa Tarasca. My cousin visited the State of Michoacán, Mexico, with his kids, and he introduced them to this delicious, local favorite. They loved it so much, over the next few days, the kids would order Sopa Tarasca … Read more

Black Bean Burgers

Black bean burger

  Hamburgers are a favorite dish in our household, but we wanted to try these black beans burgers, too. I was surprised both by how easy they are to make and how tasty they are. They’re a great idea for Lent or for any time you would like to prepare a meatless dish for your … Read more

Chipotle Enfrijoladas: An Easy Recipe for Hungry Crowds

  My family eats enfrijoladas (en-free-ho-la-dahs) at least a couple times a week, with an emphasis on the “at least.” Why are they so popular. Well, first of all, they are simple and fast to make. They are also very satisfying and everybody in the family loves them. In addition to all that, beans are … Read more

Breakfast Egg and Bean Mini-Torta Recipe

Para español da click aquí. My kids love cereal and chocolate milk, it’s their favorite breakfast. It’s also their favorite snack and merienda (the name we give to the bedtime snack). For me it’s a quick, convenient, nutritious and delicious breakfast that works great on chaotic mornings. On mornings when I have a little more … Read more


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