Milk Gelatin A Family Tradition

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Milk gelatin has a long tradition in my family. We’ve served it at both our parties and our daily meals since before I was born. Here’s our story, along with a simple recipe for creating your own milk gelatin to savor at your family’s celebrations.

Milk gelatin -

Thanks to our friends from Milk Life for making this family recipe post possible. As always, my comments, opinions, and love for drinking milk daily are my own.

My whole life, milk gelatin, gelatina de leche, served as a welcome, go to, treat in our home. We kept it in the refrigerator and always had it to enjoy not only for breakfast, but for merienda or as dessert after comida as well. One on-going tradition in the Martinez family, in fact, is to serve birthday or anniversary cake with a slice of milk gelatin on the side. It’s true!

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The tradition’s beginning dates back to the time when my great-grandmother had a milk stand at the market in a small town in central Mexico. Milk is one of those original, farm-to-table products. She stored it in large metal jugs and families would come with their jars to buy milk from her by the liter.

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My great-grandmother’s business grew so much that she started making cheese, butter and her famous milk gelatin, too. Later, after my grandmother inherited the business, it moved to a new location. For over 100 years that milk business was the most popular place in town for enjoying gelatin in the afternoon.

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From Farm to Glass

That store played an important part in my childhood. I remember helping by washing spoons, and stirring liters of milk and cinnamon with wooden sticks that were as tall as I was. It reminds me how the world has changed and now my children don’t see how milk arrives fresh from the milkman to our table. For them, we buy it at the supermarket.

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But did you know the milk we buy at the supermarket arrives generally in just two days, still fresh from family farms located within 300 miles? I learned that from Fuertes con Leche and it made me realize that things really aren’t that different after all.

One 8-ounce glass of milk is still fresh and a quick and delicious way to provide our kids with 9 essential nutrients including 8 grams of protein, calcium and vitamin D. What a great way to start the day! That’s why it’s part of our breakfast in the morning.

What is your kids’ favorite way to drink milk?

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Vaso con leche y galón de leche baja en grasas -

Try my milk gelatina recipe. Serve it for breakfast, as a snack, after school, or for dessert at the end of a meal. Or you can follow my family tradition and serve it at parties, too. I hope you like it.

Milk Gelatin


  • 4 cups of low-fat milk
  • 1-2 medium cinnamon sticks
  • 4 (7gr) packages of natural, flavorless gelatin
  • 1 cup of cold water
  • 1 cup of fat-free sweetened condensed milk
  • Berries, optional

Heat the milk with the cinnamon over medium heat. Keep your eye on it, because it heats up fast.

While the milk is warming up, dissolve the gelatin in a cup of cold water. You’ll see how the liquid turns into a gel.

When the milk just starts to boil, lower the temperature, add the gelatin and let it dissolve well. Turn off the heat, add the condensed milk and stir until it’s completely mixed together. Let it cool off for 10 minutes or until it’s lukewarm.

Strain the milk into a pitcher in order to remove the cinnamon stick then pour it into a gelatin mold or into individual glasses.

Put it in the refrigerator until it’s firm. This will take several hours. I recommend preparing it the night before so that it can cool all night or preparing it early in the morning the day you plan to serve it.

To remove it from the mold, with a knife or ice pick, carefully separate the gelatin from the mold’s wall. Heat water and pour it into a deep bowl. Submerge the mold with the gelatin for a few seconds. Put a plate on top and with a quick and precise movement, flip it over.

Carefully remove the mold.

What do you think?

I invite you to visit the page Fuertes con Leche (in Spanish) or Milk Life (in English), where you will find a lot of interesting information about nutrition, healthy living, and more. Plus, you’ll find tempting recipes, such as those by Chef Giorgio Rapicavoli, Strength Ambassador.

What is your favorite recipe made with milk?




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