How to Make a Fashion Jewelry Bracelet with Wire


Here's an easy step by step guide to making a beautiful fashion jewelry bracelet with wire. Is easier than it sounds. Enjoy!

Pulsera roja -

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Making fashion jewelry is easy and fun. You can choose the colors and styles. Try it out!

How to Make a Fashion Jewelry Bracelet with Wire


  • Beads in red, or another color of your preference
  • Silver connectors
  • Jewelry wire
  • Clasp and ring
  • Crimps
  • Wire cutters
  • Flat nose pliers

Organize your beads and silver connectors to create the design you want.

red beads -

Take the tip of the wire and begin inserting the beads according to your design. When you are done, insert the wire through a crimp, and then through a ring. Next, take the tip of the wire again and insert it back through the crimp in the other direction to create a closed loop. See photo below.

hook, crimp and wire -

Take the flat nose pliers and squeeze the crimp tightly to secure it. Insert excess wire into the beads.

Closing a crimp -

Take the other end of your bracelet, leave two extra inches of wire and cut the wire. Now, insert the new cut wire end through another crimp, then through a clasp, and back again through the crimp to complete the loop (see photo). Lastly, using the flat nose pliers again to squeeze the crimp tightly to secure it. Show off your bright and bold creation!

clasp, crimp and wire -

That's it!

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berry parfaits -

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