10 Ideas for Kids Who Love Outer Space


A rose made of galaxies taken by Hubble Telescope
©NASA, ESA and the Hubble SM4 ERO Team

Street lights do not exist in our neighborhood. Vast, starry space stretches out over our heads just outside the door on clear nights. Sometimes, after putting the kids to bed, I wander out to fill my soul with nature's beauty and get a little peace and quiet. Sometimes, though, I'll take the kids out, either before bedtime or, on rare occasion, after bedtime.

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Seeing nature through the clear eyes of a child is thrilling, isn't it? My sons, like all kids, are curious about science and space, and always have interesting questions like, “Are there more stars in the sky or fish in the ocean?” Both are avid readers of the National Geographic Kids Weird But True! books. Not too long ago, we read that if a spaceship were to try to land on Saturn, it would never find solid ground! I didn't know that!

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If your kids are curious about Space and Science, here are a few ideas for them:

Ideas for Kids Who Love Outer Space

1. Space Matching Game

space matching game with pictures of NASA

This matching memory game features photos from NASA's archives. The cards are round and show dazzling images of solar flares, planets, nebulae, the international space station and more. It comes with 56 cards and a very sturdy box. My kids always have fun and learn something with it.

2. Lego City Space Shuttle

Lego City Space Shuttle

Legos are fun and have a magical way of encouraging kids to imagine and build. We love Legos at our house!

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3. The Magic School Bus: The Secrets of Space

The magic school bus secret of space activities for kids

Kids design a solar system mobile, build a constellation box, construct a night-vision flashlight, and draw constellation cards.

4. There's No Place like Space!: All About Our Solar System by Tish Rabe, Aristides Ruiz, Dr. Seuss

There is no place like space! Dr. Seuss book

In this book, little ones are launched on a wild trip to visit the eight planets in our solar system.

5. Hydro Rocket

hydro rocket toy for kids

Use water and air pressure as “rocket fuel” and see it take off.

6. Refractor Telescope Kit

Refractor telescope

Don't have a telescope? Make your own! This kit includes an objective lens, an eye lens, glare stops, kraftboard tubes, instructions and a Scientific Star and Planet Locator. For ages 8 and up

7. Ready, Jet, Go!

Ready Set Go! © 2015 Wind Dancer Films

A new PBS Kids' show focusing on astronomy, technology, innovation, invention, and scientific exploration. Kids follow Jet Propulsion's (that's his name) astronomical adventures while learning about friendship and teamwork along the way (it also has very catchy music.)

In the newest episodes (airing from April 11 to 14, 2016) Jet and his friends explore Titan, Saturn's largest moon; they also take a trip out to Saturn to find if the planet has a cold or hot core; they learn the difference between an asteroid, a meteor, and a meteorite; and head out to view the Northern Lights. Sounds fun doesn't it?

For videos, games and information about Ready, Jet, Go!, please click here. And please check your local listings for times and days in your region.

8. Star Garland

Make a mess-free, super easy Star Garland!

9. Hubble Space Telescope

A dead star photo taken by the Hubble Telescope
NASA, ESA and the Hubble Heritage Team (STScI/AURA)

Check out the top 100 pictures taken by the NASA/ESA Hubble Space Telescope. Photos like this incredible picture of a dying star that was once about five times the mass of the Sun. Isn't it out of this world?!! Read more details about this picture here.

10. NASA Kids' Club: a great site with activities and resources for parents and kids.

Which is your favorite?

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