How to Make a Lego Storage Ottoman DIY


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How to make a lego storage ottoman

Lowe's Creative Ideas Network DisclosureMy boys have become Lego crazy in the last six months. I think it may have something to do with their growing obsession with Minecraft, combined with a couple of recent stops at the Lego Store in Downtown Disney. They can't wait to see what's under the Christmas tree and in their Three Kings Day shoes. So what's the connection between Lego and Minecraft?

Both activities involve stacking blocks, one digital, one physical, into anything you can think of. I'm great with that. I enjoy watching quietly from afar and listening as their imaginations begin to take flight. By way of example, it was really cool watching my younger boy think his way through how to build a replica of San Francisco's Golden Gate Bridge on both Minecraft and with Legos, especially when it came to those curvy cables. The best part was watching him test different possible solutions with Legos.

Anyway, all this Lego play means we have to have a sensible way to manage the inevitable mess. The kids' room is pretty small, so we've let them play Lego in the front room. But this means we've had to find a way to keep the Lego from becoming an eyesore or a walking hazard.

First, we've given them an old unfitted bed sheet to use on the floor or on top of the card table. As long as they play on top of the sheet, clean up is a snap. And second, I made a storage bin out of a five gallon Lowe's bucket and modified it for use as an ottoman in the front room. It's not super fancy, so the kids don't have to be afraid of it, but it's a functional ottoman when the kids are not playing Lego, which I like.

Here is a list of what I used:


Lego storage ottoman materials

So, first we cut a round of plywood to match the diameter of the bucket lid.

lego storage ottoman lid

To do this we used our Rockwell BladeRunner saw which made fast work of it.

lego storage ottoman cutting lid

Next we stole some pillow filler from a worn out pillow, placed it on top of the round, covered it with fabric, pulled the fabric tight around to the other side, and heavy-duty stapled the fabric to the bottom.

lego storage ottoman lid cover

Next, I used a bobby pin to thread a simple design with different colors onto the burlap.

lego storage ottoman detail

I painted the bucket with some blue paint to cover the white parts and used a hot glue gun to attach the fabric-covered, wood round to the top of the plastic lid. Then I glued one end of the burlap to the bucket at the bottom and wrapped the whole bucket all the way around until it overlapped a bit. Then I glued the bottom edge of the burlap to the bucket all the way around and glued the burlap to itself at the seam.

That's it!

It's rustic and simple and perfect for the boys. They just wrap up the sheet and place it in the bucket when done.

lego storage ottoman

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