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La Sombra del Pasado - Plazuela

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I haven't mentioned telenovelas in a while. The last time was at the premier of “Que Te Perdone Dios,” a fascinating story about how one person's decisions can affect the life of another so dramatically. Are you watching?

One thing I like about telenovelas is they always come to some sort of resolution, and then a brand new story starts. And that is just what happened this week. The new telenovela, “La Sombra del Pasado” (The Shadow of the Past), premiered Monday, February 16, at 7 pm ET. If you haven't seen it yet, here's your chance to catch up. Today I am sharing a synopsis and introducing you to the steamy cast of characters. Ready?

Viendo videos de la novela La Sombra del Pasado

“La Sombra del Pasado” is a passionate, multi-generational saga about forbidden love that emerges between two families locked in conflict.


The story begins with Raymundo Alcocer (Rene Strickler), who owns an estate called “Santuario.” There is a beautiful waterfall that serves as a point of contention between Raymundo's family and the rich, despotic family of Severiano Mendoza (Alexis Ayala). Raymundo is a good, humble and hardworking man, but his wife Roberta (Susana González) is unhappy with her life and desires more. She seizes upon Severiano's reckless lust for her and begins an affair with him, which ultimately results in the death of her husband Raymundo.

The story gets very interesting after that, there's a new love story and more!

The Cast of Characters

La sombra del pasado Alexis Ayala y Alejandra Barros
Alejandra Barros y Alexis Ayala

Severiano Mendoza (Alexis Ayala)

Candela’s husband and Cristóbal's father. Ever since marrying Candela he has felt she has been distant, so he uses this as an excuse to have many lovers. One of them is Roberta. When her husband Raymundo catches them, they have a confrontation in which Severiano loses an arm and Raymundo loses his life. Roberta has a child by him, but he tricks her into believing the baby died. Severiano is a bitter man, capable of doing anything just to get what he wants, even the most inexcusable acts.

Candela Santana de Mendoza (Alejandra Barros)

Severiano’s wife and Cristóbal’s mother, owner of “Las Ánimas” hacienda. She lives for her son and wants her son to live for her; therefore, she has always been a controlling and manipulative mother. Ever since she was young, she has been in love with Jerónimo, and when he left her to become a priest, she married Severiano out of spite. She's driven by her ugliest emotions and this leads her to big mistakes. She can't stand that her son has fallen in love with Aldonza, the daughter of the woman with whom her husband has cheated on her, and she will do everything possible to destroy that love.

La Sombra del Pasado Pablo Lyle y Michelle Renaud
Pablo Lyle y Michelle Renaud

Aldonza Alcocer Lozada (Michelle Renaud)

Raymundo’s and Roberta's daughter. A young woman with a noble and generous heart. Losing her father combined with the shame of being a bad woman’s daughter has marked her since she was a little girl. She falls in love with Cristóbal despite the rivalry existing between the two families. She is a victim of Severiano's evil, the father of the man she loves, which forces her to run away, giving Cristóbal up. Some time afterwards, she returns and must confront her past and the man she still loves.

Cristóbal Mendoza Santana (Pablo Lyle)

Severiano’s and Candela’s son. He is a passionate man, capable of giving his life away for what he loves. He has always tried to emancipate himself from his mother’s control. He spends most of his childhood studying in the capital city, but he returns to “Santa Lucía” as a teenager and falls in love with Aldonza, the woman his family hates the most. When Aldonza disappears without any explanation, he moves abroad to study and comes back years later, engaged to Valeria. Seeing Aldonza again revives the flame of love, a forbidden love his loved ones will try to put out.

Valeria Zapata (Thelma Madrigal)

Dr. Humberto's and Prudencia’s daughter. She is a spoiled woman who has always been obsessed with dating Cristóbal, whom she sees as the biggest trophy in town. More than an authentic feeling for him, Valeria is moved by the vanity of seeing herself turned into the wife of the Mendoza family’s heir, and she will do anything to win his heart, even creating an alliance with Candela, the young boy's mother, to destroy the love he feels for Aldonza.

La sombra del pasado - Cynthia Klitbo
Cynthia Klitbo

Prudencia de Zapata (Cynthia Klitbo)

She is Doctor Zapata’s wife. She is an ambitious, gossiping woman who is prone to getting in trouble due to her indiscretions. Because of her ambition, she supports her daughter Valeria in all her mischief. She mistreats Humberto and she is always reproaching him for his past mistakes.

Alfredo Adame - La Sombra del Pasado
Alfredo Adame

Jerónimo Alcocer (Alfredo Adame)

Raymundo’s brother and a priest. Circumstances and the necessity of protecting his niece Aldonza from the evil in the village, causes him to ask to be moved to “Santa Lucía” where he will have to confront Severiano’s villainy and the shadow of an old love: Candela. He always argues with his sister in law, Roberta, for the way she lives her life and the way she treats her daughter.

Susana González - La Sombra del Pasado
Susana González

Roberta Lozada de Alcocer (Susana González)

Raymundo’s wife, Aldonza’s mother and Adelina’s sister. Roberta has an inferiority complex and is not happy with her life, her husband or the beautiful property she shares with him. She is wildly sexy and takes advantage of that to achieve her goals. Roberta turns into Severiano’s lover, but when she is caught by Raymundo, she becomes co-author of the crime in which her husband dies. She has a child by Severiano, but she is tricked into believing the baby has died. Roberta is the representation of excess and evil in “Santa Lucía”. She succumbs to addictions with no remorse and she ends up despised by everyone.

What do you think? Sounds hot, right?

La Sobra del Pasado airs Monday through Friday at 7 pm EST on Univisión.

univision logoAs you know, Univisión has some of the best novelas in primetime and is the highest-rated Spanish-language television network in the United States. Its programming ranges from epic, historical fiction to modern, bold themes. There is something for everybody.

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