Miner’s Tacos with Mashed Frijoles Charros

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 Tacos Mineros con frijoles charros machacados

This is part of a compensated campaign in collaboration with BUSH’S Cocina Latina and Latina Bloggers Connect. As always my opinions, comments, and my love for el sabor latino are my own.

Today’s recipe is for tacos mineros or Miner’s Tacos. They are fantastic for holiday parties and celebrations. In fact, in our family we often make them at least once during Las Posadas, our traditional Mexican holiday celebrations that take place the last nine days before Christmas. They are perfect because they can be prepared a little ahead of time before the evening festivities, and then we warm them up in a steamer when it’s time to eat them.

tacos mineros de frijoles charros machacados - ingredientes

Today, I’m getting a little help right from my pantry. You know how I’m always looking for new Latin foods to inspire me and share with my family. My most recent, new discovery is BUSH’S Cocina Latinabeans, you can tell they are inspired by authentic regional flavors and the kitchens of real experts – like my mother, grandmother and aunts. These beans have a real Latin “sabor” or flavor, the true taste of home. They are so delicious and have just the right amount of spicy heat and bacon seasoning. Using them also saved me a lot of time. The tacos were ready in just 35 minutes!

I know you will enjoy them!

Miner’s Tacos with Mashed Frijoles Charros Machacados

Prep time 5 minutes
Start to end: 35 minutes
Makes approx 15-16 tacos

You will also need a steamer and individual foil sheets.

Add the shredded, cooked pork to Bush’s Frijoles Charros Machacados, stir and warm the mixture up on the stove over medium heat. Set apart.

Warm up 1/2 inch of oil in a skillet or medium sized pan that is at least a bit larger that the diameter of your tortillas. When the oil is hot, carefully place a tortilla in the oil for just a few seconds. You will see a change in color and it might inflate a bit. Using wooden tongs, turn the tortilla over for a few more seconds, then lift it out of the oil, let the excess oil drain off, then place it on a plate. Now place a cold tortilla on top of the fried tortilla.

Tortillas en aceite para hacer tacos mineros

Next, take another tortilla and do the same. Remember to alternate one fried, one cold as you stack your tortillas. This is a trick my Aunts taught me.

altero de tortillas pasadas por aceite para hacer tacos mineros

When all the tortillas are ready, you can begin making the tacos. Fill a tortilla with the bean and pork mix, fold it in half, and place it on a sheet of aluminum foil. Repeat this until you have 3, 4, or 5 tacos, depending on the portion size you want to make. Fold the ears of the aluminum foil up to create a little package of tacos. Continue until all your tacos are wrapped up.

paquetes de tacos mineros en hojas de papel aluminio

The advantage of using individual sheets of aluminum foil is you will have ideal portions for each member of the family; for example, you can wrap up four tacos for adults, and two or three for children. Also, it helps with clean up, because you can serve the tacos just like that right in the foil.

If you are making them ahead of time, just place the packages in a steamer and let them steam for 10-15 minutes when it’s time to eat.

Hervidor con paquetes de tacos mineros en el interior

Serve with lettuce, salsa, cream and avocado. Yum!

Tacos mineros de frijoles charros machacados

Bush’s Cocina Latina doesn’t just make one type of Latin inspired can of beans, they have an entire line! Check out the rest of the line here, all inspired by traditional Hispanic recipes.


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