DIY Day of the Dead Flower Pots


Bring some color to your garden with these Day of the Dead flower pots. This is a great activity to share with your family.

orange flower pot with a sugar skull drawing
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One of the challenges of living in a bicultural family is the calendar gets pretty full, especially when the holiday season rolls around. October is no exception, with both Halloween and Day of the Dead so close to each other.

Now while the two celebrations are separate and distinct, and each really has a very different feel, they combine better than say St. Patrick's Day, big in the US, and the Parades of Spring, big in Mexico.

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So this time of year we like to do just that, combine the decorations of Halloween and Day of the Dead as we lead up to them, then on the specific days, celebrate each in its own way.

So with a challenge from the good folks at Lowe's to add a little curb appeal for the season, we decided to tear into an overgrown flower box, and replace the out-of-control grass with a little dark bark, vibrant Day of the Dead decorations, and some spooky succulents.

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Here is what the strip looked like before and after pulling up all the grass.

flower bed before and after

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How to Make Day of the Dead Flower Pots

On the crafty side of this project, I picked up some colorful pots and twines at Lowe's. Then I printed out some beautiful Day of the Dead Sugar Skull and cempazúchitl (marigold) design templates.

Next, I used a little Mod Podge to secure the skulls and flower designs onto the pots. Lastly, I used crepe paper to make papel picado flowers, the way I did as a child growing up in Mexico, and put them in the pots.

Day of the Dead Pots materials

Here is a close-up of one of the pots.

Day of the Dead pots before and after mod podge

Here is a close up of a pointy succulent I picked up at Lowe's that I interspersed among the finished pots after spreading a rich, brown bark.

Sucullent plant

Here is that strip now! Quite a difference don't you think? The lanterns work great with votive candles at night, casting just enough light to create a dramatic feel.

Flower Bed with succulents and day of the dead pots

Materials List (buy what you need with the help fo the following affiliate links):

Here is a link to a tutorial I created for making the cempazúchitl flowers.

DIY Day of the Dead Pots

Feeling like adding a little color and drama to the season? Check out Lowe’s in Pinterest, or Lowe’s on Instagram, they are all loaded with ideas to inspire you.


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