Happy Peanut Butter Kebab

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Peanut Butter Kebab

My kids always smile when they see peanut butter. I love that. It means I can always prepare a fast snack with it, and they'll always eat it.  My boys love it in sandwiches even without the jelly (yes, just plain yummy peanut butter), by the spoon, on apples or covering bananas.

I wanted to make something fun, something I'd never done before.  So I thought about creating a kebab.  My son's face when he looked at it was priceless!

And nothing's simpler:

Peanut Butter Kebab MamaLatinaTips

Just cut up the apples and bananas and skewer the pieces on the stick. Warm up the peanut butter a little in the microwave, this makes it softer. Drizzle the peanut butter on top of the kebab, add a few cranberries, and there you have it, a fast and yummy snacks your kids will love.

Peanut Butter Kebab MamaLatinaTips


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