Banana-Peanut Butter Chocolate Milk and a Fun New Snack

Licuado de chocolate, plátano y crema de cacahuate, un snack rápido, delicioso y nutritivo para los niños -

Summer overflows with fun activities for my kids. They smile more this time of year. They also spend much more time at home, so I need to make sure I have enough yummy snacks to keep their bodies fueled between meals and activities. Today, I’m sharing a couple of quick, nutritious ideas. My kids have … Read more

Happy Peanut Butter Kebab

My kids always smile when they see peanut butter. I love that. It means I can always prepare a fast snack with it, and they’ll always eat it.  My boys love it in sandwiches even without the jelly (yes, just plain yummy peanut butter), by the spoon, on apples or covering bananas. I wanted to … Read more

A Fast and Delicious Snack

Para español da click aquí.   So I guess you are getting ready to send your kids back to school or maybe they are in school already.  My older boy started last week and my little one starts this week.  Part of my “back to school routine” is creating snacks and lunches that are fast … Read more


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