How to Make an Elena Of Avalor Inspired Bracelet


Learn how to make an Elena of Avalor Inspired bracelet easily. This is a simple but fun craft to make with your kids at home.

Elena of Avalor has captivated the hearts of young and old. She is strong, she is funny, and she is kind.

Have you noticed Elena wears a gold and blue bracelet? Well today I'm going to show how to make a gold and blue bracelet of your own. Ready?

Elena of Avalor - closeup -

How to Make an Elena of Avalor Inspired Bracelet


  • Blue string
  • Green or turquoise string
  • 1 mm gold metallic cord
  • Scissors
  • Button (I like to have different colors and sizes to see which looks better)


Cut 6 equal pieces of blue and 6 equal pieces of green or turquoise string long enough to make a bracelet. Measure your child's wrist, then add 3-4 inches to allow for knots and clasp.

Cut six equal pieces of gold rope string the same length as the blue and turquoise.

Make a knot to tie all the pieces together tightly at one end.

Separate into three groups of two gold, two blue and two green or turquoise each.

Braid bracelet.

Make another knot at the end to tie all thread together.

Take a couple of threads (after the knot) and tie the button on.

Cut excess string from both sides.

Cut 4 inches of golden cord. Make a knot to form a loop big enough to fit around the button. Take the two loose cord ends and tie them around the other end of the bracelet. Knot them and trim the excess.

That's it!

graphic with Elena of Avalor and a bracelet
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