Interview with Bobs Gannaway & Ferrel Barron #FireAndRescue

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Bobs Gannaway and Ferrell Barron, director and producer of Planes: Fire & Rescue


If you and your kids, like me, are fans of the Disney movie Planes: Fire & Rescue, you may find this interview very interesting. I love movies and for me it's a treat when I have the opportunity to find out what goes on behind the scenes. I love hearing about things like the research behind the production of a movie and how the cast is chosen, etc.

Disneytoon Studios during Planes: Fire & Rescue

A few weeks back I sat down with Bobs Gannaway, Director, and Ferrel Barron, Producer, of the fantastic animated movie Planes: Fire and Rescue. If you saw the movie in theaters, I think you will agree that it has a great message and is amazingly well done. (If you haven't seen it, get ready because the Blu-ray will be available in stores on November 4th). These two great guys shared many interesting facts about the making of the film and here are five:

5 Interesting Facts about Planes: Fire & Rescue

  1. It took two and a half years to develop the fire animation system for the movie.
  2. Animators created more than 2 million trees to populate the nature scenes.
  3. National Parks were a big inspiration for the movie. The nature scenes are inspired by Yosemite National Park and Yellowstone National Park.
  4. While researching the movie, they discovered that Native American Indians have a long history of fighting wildfires, and wanted to pay tribute to them with a Native American Indian character, and so the character of Windlifter was created.
  5. Planes: Fire & Rescue took four years to make and was being made at the same time as the original Planes movie.

I invite you to watch the interview (if you are reading the email of this post, and cannot see the video, just click on the the link of this post at the top of your email to go to Mama Latina Tips to see the video.)

Remember that Planes: Fire & Rescue is coming to stores on November 4th!

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