Top 10 Board Games For Kids to Play This Summer

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This blog post was written as part of my collaboration with eBay.

As I write this, I watch as a little boy runs squealing past my couch. Two more come screaming close behind. They’re playing some sort of hide and seek game. Summer is here and, with it, hours and hours of play lay ahead.

I want to keep my kids’ minds engaged this summer and I bet you do yours, too, so I was happy when eBay asked me to put together a collection of fun toys from Toys R Us. That’s right! Did you know you could buy toys from Toys R Us on eBay and pick them up at your local store? I didn’t.

Once I found out this cool bit of news, I knew just what to do, make a collection of my 10 favorite board games for kids to play this Summer consisting of games both fun and engaging for the mind.

Board games

Next, I ordered a couple of the games and picked them up at my local store, just to see how the process all works.

I went to the Toys R Us Store on eBay and browsed for games I knew my kids would like. Then, I looked for the ones available for pick up at my local store.

When choosing the option to pick up at a local store, I was asked to add my zip code. A list of my closest stores, and whether the item is available, appeared. I selected my choices and sent them to the cart.

I submitted my order, paid, and received an email letting me know that I would receive a second email when my order was ready for pick up (normally 2-4 hours). I made the order late at night, and when I awakened the next morning an email had arrived saying my order was ready.

Toys'r Us Store

I arrived with a print out of the email I received telling me my order was ready for pick up.

To collect my order, I just walked into the store and saw this sign telling where to go:

Toys'r us Pick Up Instructions

I walked straight to the kiosk to check in, it was very easy. I just scanned the bar code on the email I had printed out at home and waited by the merchandise pick up station.

Pick-up station

In just three minutes a very friendly employee showed up, asked for my name and handed me the bag with my games. I said thank you and left the store. The pick-up process took me just 7 minutes from parking lot to store and back. Awesome!!

We've already used the traveling Battleship and Mastermind a lot. We play in the car, we play in the house, we play at the beach and we just recently played while waiting at the airport for our flight. It's great having travel size games to keep the kids entertained.

What kinds of games do your family like?

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