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Granola and nuts

Thanks to the great folks at Ziploc® for sponsoring this post. As always, my comments, opinions, and cravings are my own.

Here’s another one of those great cultural divides I mention from time to time.

When I was a little girl, aged 7 or 8, I lived in a small town in Mexico. Small enough that everyone knew each other, but large enough to have a movie theater, at least for awhile.

On lucky Saturday mornings, my mom, aunts, and grandma would pack shopping bags with real lemonade, cups, bags of popcorn, peanuts, a bottle of San Luis salsa, chicharrones, and, of course, a few limes.

The rest of the town did the same and headed for the cinema with us. The theater owners allowed outside snacks, or at least I think so, certainly their employees did. We all had a great time watching movies and enjoying our snacks. It never occurred to me this might be why the theater is gone now.

After moving to the states, I still remember my husband’s face the first time we planned to go to the movies and I started packing food. “What are you doing?” (More likely, what are you doing now?), he asked.

Now I ask you, faithful reader, how was I supposed to know you couldn’t take your own food to the movie theater?

Cheese and carrots

All this is not to suggest you should sneak food into movie theaters. There are just some situations nowadays when I need to make sure I sneak my own snacks.

I know it might raise a few eyebrows, but church was one of these when my kids were smaller (I was reminded of this as I watched a mom with a toddler sneak a Ziploc® Snack Bag out of her purse last Sunday).


For my own personal well-being, meetings are another example. You know the type, where “refreshments provided” is code for coffee and doughnuts and maybe some chemically sweetened lemonade.

I’d be lying if I tried to suggest I didn’t enjoy a doughnut once in a while, but do I have to face them every, single meeting!

No, I don’t. That’s why I sneak my own snacks. I sneak everything from nuts and cheese, to carrots and popcorn.

popcorn on Ziploc bag

Long car trips, award ceremonies, business conferences and hikes are more examples. Is it possible to have enough snacks on a hike?

Junior high and high school basketball, volleyball, football, and soccer games, just to name a few, are perfect for sneaking a snack, too.

Recycling info on Ziploc Bags's boxes

I like to use Ziploc® Bags for all of these snacks because I can pack them tightly and efficiently into my purse or backpack and don’t have to worry about having a mess when I get where I’m going. Plus they can be recycled. You can read more about that here.

Do you want to challenge yourself to get organized, get fit, eat better, or have fun? See my previous challenges and check out some more ideas on the Ziploc® Facebook page.

Have fun!

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