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A long time ago a friend mentioned, almost in passing, how much better she feels when she has an extra bit of protein for breakfast. I don't exactly know why, but the comment really struck me and I've never forgotten it.

I've written a lot already this year, both here and elsewhere, about New Year's resolutions, especially about how we can start this New Year right by making small changes to our daily routines to help ourselves live healthier lives.

This year I've resolved that one of my small changes is to do what my friend mentioned to me so long ago. I'm concentrating on including enough protein at breakfast to help me stay satisfied, so I don't feel hungry throughout the morning.

Which brings me to the infographic below.  It shows findings from a recent analysis of social media called, “What America (Tw)Eats” which, among other interesting things, found that half of those who tweet in Spanish say they skip breakfast because of lack of time!

What America Tweats-550_ENGLISH-mamalatinatips

Believe me, I know a lot of mornings can be hectic, but breakfast is too important to skip. Even if we are in a hurry, stopping for a moment to down an 8 ounce glass of milk, for example, can quickly deliver 8 grams of protein and make a big difference.

Here are a couple of quick ideas for making sure breakfast doesn't get skipped.

  • chop, bag, and freeze individual or family-sized portions of strawberries and bananas each weekend to use in the mornings during the coming week. Then, just drop the frozen fruit mix along with a cup of milk for a refreshing licuado.
  • I'm guessing this will sound familiar to you. In the morning rush, I often get my kids fed, but don't find time for myself. So helping the kids become more self-sufficient might be just the trick. Especially for the younger ones, a smaller, easy-to-manage container of milk placed on a lower shelf where it's easy to reach can be a great start toward self-sufficiency in addition to freeing up some time for you to get yourself a good start.
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What ideas do you have to help us all keep from skipping breakfast?

For recipes, nutrition tips, and more information on how to get a jump on breakfast, visit the Spanish language Proyecto Desayuno (Breakfast Project) website.

Eat breakfast!

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