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Walt Disney Studios Recording BoothDisclosure

If you've seen the new Disney animated film, Frozen, or even just a trailer, you've seen Olaf, the loveable and hilarious snowman. My younger son can't stop talking about him and says “he's so funny.” I agree with my son, he is very funny and endearing, which is why I was so excited to get a chance to do a voiceover of Olaf down at Walt Disney Studios.

Giving a voice to a character looks easy, but believe me, it is not. I did have a previous experience when I gave my voice to Piglet (for a few minutes) a couple of years ago, so I thought, “well this is going to be easier,” but boy was I wrong! Olaf seemed to talk so fast, so I over-compensated at first and got a little bit ahead, but then I got into the rhythm (more or less!).

Gabriel Guy

Thanks to Gabriel Guy, from the Walt Disney Studios Sound Department, who was very generous and explained the whole process to me first. Then we got started with the recording.

Usually, actors are recorded doing their lines first and then the animation is created to match it, but obviously we had to do it the other way around here.

My Olaf Voiceover

In the video below, the first part is the animated video with the voiceover, and the second part is a video showing me recording the voiceover.

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