How to Cook with Cooking Wine

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The holiday season is almost here. Have you thought about what to cook? Lately I've been cooking a lot with cooking wine. I love the flavor it gives to my meats and vegetables. I'm going to share my Turkey in a White Cooking Wine Brine recipe in just a few days. It makes the turkey succulent and delicious!

In my post earlier this month which featured the Carne Asada Marinated in Marsala Cooking Wine recipe, I mentioned I was a little afraid of using cooking wine years ago because I didn't quite know how. If you are now like I was then, I hope you'll enjoy the Cooking Wine 101 infographic below. And even if you are already familiar with cooking with wine, you may still be interested in the uses and pairings section at the bottom. Either way, this infographic has lots of information for making your holiday meals delicious!

Using cooking wine

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Happy Delicious Holidays!

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