Carne Asada with Marsala Wine Recipe with Giveaway

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Thanks to the folks at Mizkan, the makers of Holland House Cooking Wines and Vinegars, for sponsoring this post. My comments, opinions, and love for carne asada are my own.

One Christmas Eve about 20 years ago, I was still relatively chiquita, my aunt, who was always in charge of the meat for Christmas dinner, announced something to the effect, “Does anybody know where the white wine is for cooking the chicken?”

I remember thinking to myself, “you can cook with wine?” I had no idea! I thought wine was for drinking.  That night, I paid a lot of attention to how the chicken was prepared and even more attention to the flavor when I tried it.

I remember being a little afraid when I tried wine in my cooking for the first time, I seem to recall I was probably a little too timid with it. I didn’t want to add too much to the dish, but I learned a little more was better and I needed to try different amounts until I felt comfortable.  Cooking wine can enhance the flavor of a dish in so many ways, I find that it gives more depth and body to the flavors and it takes the edge off others.

Today I’m sharing a traditional Mexican dish, carne asada, to which I added Holland House Marsala Cooking Wine and I love the results. I hope you like it, too.  After you check out the recipe, please don’t forget to scroll down to check out the awesome giveaway I have for you today.

Carne asada con Marsala Cooking Wine

Carne Asada with Marsala Wine

Approx 5 steaks or 15 tacos

Place the carne asada in a plastic bag or container with lid, add the garlic cloves, Marsala cooking wine and olive oil. Leave in the fridge and let it marinate for 2 hours. Prepare your grill or place a pan on top of the stove. Salt and pepper the meat and grill or fry until meat is cooked and juicy.  Serve it with rice, beans and salsa or make tacos.

I cut the steaks into small pieces and filled tortillas with them along with salsa verde, cotija cheese and bell peppers. The tacos were delicious.

Buen Provecho!

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