Entering the Abyss: A Closet Makeover for Father’s Day

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Messy closet with clothes and shoes

I am a Lowe's Creative Ideas Ambassador. I received a gift card to complete this project. As always my comments and opinions are my own. Enjoy!

Entering the Abyss

Father's Day is just around the corner and I know it can be hard to figure out just the right gift for dad. We've had a lot of changes in the last year and so we've been concentrating on getting the house organized.

Dad likes being organized and knowing where everything lives. He's fond of saying, “Everything has its place.”

So when the wonderful folks at Lowe's challenged us to come up with the perfect father's day project, we took a look around for something we knew dad would appreciate. And we found it.

Deep in the abyss of the bedroom closet. A disorganized mess on the floor and the shelf above created by the move.

Someone told me the “before” picture doesn't look that bad. Well, maybe it looks better because we removed the doors to make installing the closet system and taking the pictures easier.

But, believe me, with the doors on, all that stuff on the floor was constantly getting in the way. It was very congested in there.

After removing the doors, we removed everything else from the closet including the top wooden shelf and the hanging bar. We used a Rubbermaid custom closet system and added a few extras like the basket drawer and the tie rack.

We also bought some nice bins for one of the shelves as you can see below. The system is very, I would even say extremely, fast and easy to install. (The best part is there is no cutting involved.)

2 fingers marking a piece of hardware on the wall

Just a few screws hold everything in place.

Placing a piece of hardware in a closet

Pieces just snap into place.

Closet hardware to organize ties

Above is the extra tie rack we purchased.

Organizing a closet with bins and racks

We were very pleased with how it turned out, especially with how efficiently the space is being used now. Clothes are easy to find and easy to put away.

We moved the extra long hanging items to a different closet in order to use the space better. And we got rid of some of the junk. But the great thing is there is actually more clothes stored in the closet now than before.

Organized closet with clothes and shoes

We are very pleased with the result. What do you think?

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