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Love My Balsamic Vinegar

If there’s one thing I just can’t live without in my pantry, it has to be balsamic vinegar. I love it. I use it often and whenever possible. I love its acidity on the tip of my tongue, its sweet smell, its rich flavor and its finish. I actively search for excuses to use it.

balsamic vinegar

I have a bottle of Holland House Balsamic Vinegar in my kitchen cabinet right now where I can reach it quickly. I use it for almost everything–I use it to make salad dressing; I blend it with olive oil and dip sourdough bread in it; I make sauces with it; I toss it into soups; if you promise not to tell, I’ll even admit I take it straight from time to time! That's right. I pour a little bit into a spoon, close my eyes, and sip it straight. I know! Right? Who knew?

And this time of year I use it even more because we have so many end of the school year activities. Food is an important part of those celebrations. And, quite frankly, since May is the month for moms, I like celebrating by cooking with lots of yummy balsamic vinegar anyway. Plus, since the weather is warming up, I've been making more salads with oil and vinegar dressings. Sounds yummy doesn't it?  Now here are some great recipe ideas I wanted to share one with you:

It sounds yummy, don't you think?

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