5 Tips for Keeping our Kids Active in the Fall

In partnership with Together Counts

I love seeing the trees changing colors and feeling the cooler weather of the Fall. It's the perfect time for planning activities for keeping the family active during the cooler months.  Here are five ideas:

1. Explore! Do you have a beach, a forest, or even a national park nearby? Take the family!

2. Check to see if your city has a Bike day or Bike night, or if it doesn't consider starting one yourself. Our city has one once a month and lots of families participate. It's a fun, healthy activity.

3. Pumpkin patches and Fall Festivals are great places to take the family this time of year. Pick up some fruit, enjoy the many activities offered like mazes and let your kids run around to their hearts' content.  We do this almost every year, there is a farm close to home with lots of activities for little ones. We usually spend the whole day there and we always have a great time!

4. Create a Dance Night at home to warm up after a chilly day.  We love playing music and letting our kids express their emotions through dance: we usually end the night dancing salsa!

5. Here is something I would like to try. Take a walk. There is a family of three in our neighborhood, a mom and her two kids, who always, always, always walk around 6. They often stop (when we are in the front yard) and chat with us for a little bit.  They always look happy and I bet it is a great way for mom to talk with her kids.

If you want more great ideas for keeping your Fall active and healthy, I invite you to visit Together Counts a nationwide program dedicated to active and healthy living. Their website is awesome, it has information and resources on how to live a balanced life at school, at home, and in your community. Together Counts simply asks families and all others to take a pledge: Eat at least one meal and do at least one activity together every week. Easy don't you think?

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