5 Great Ways to Keep Kids Happy and Engaged While Traveling

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A playground on the beach

One of our favorite activities is traveling. For us, traveling with our kids is fun, educational, and unpredictable.  Keeping them engaged while vacationing means a happier and more relaxed experience.  Here are 5 great ways to keep them happy and engaged while traveling:

  1. Show them where you are going:  Most kids like to know what to expect. Show them on a map, or on the computer, where you are heading. Talk to them about what they will see and do there.  Before you head out, summarize for them the daily activities.
  2. Surprise them: Prepare mini-surprises, like toys and snacks, and put them in your carry-on or in a small back pack (if you travel by car). When they get hungry or are tired of playing with one thing, pull something else from the backpack. The fun will increase if you wrap each item.
  3. Bring something from home with you:  Most kids like routines and bringing something familiar from home may help them to feel more comfortable and in control. Bring a favorite toy, blanket, spoon, or picture.
  4. Share ideas: Involve your kids in your plans, let them express their opinions and interests.  Together, prepare a map of the places you will visit, and as you travel, mark them off or take a picture and add it to the map. This will keep the kids engaged and will give them a nice journal for remembering their vacation.
  5. Choose a family friendly place to vacation. Nothing is better than being in a place where both adults and kids can find interesting things to learn and do.

Exposing kids to different people, places, cultures, languages, foods and music through traveling is a rewarding experience they will carry throughout their lives.  Don't be surprised by the many new things you will see through their eyes. But let's be real for a minute. Traveling with kids can be fun, but it can also be exhausting and overwhelming.


Take, for example, how many things you have to bring when traveling with kids.  When my kids were babies, my luggage always looked like I was moving: mini-crib, bottle sterilizer, toys, stroller, booster seat, etc.  They are a little older now, but I still travel with books, toys, a stroller for the little one, etc.

Swings next to palms on the beach

I've often thought, “Wouldn't it be great to go some place where I didn't need to bring any of this stuff?”  Well, I recently visited just such a place! Sounds like heaven, right? Well it is.

Get ready for me to gush!

beach and pier at dusk

By the turquoise waters of the Mexican Mayan Riviera in Quintana Roo, the Azul Beach Hotel is located just 25 minutes south of the Cancún Airport. From the moment you arrive you feel the relaxing warmth of the weather and the even warmer service.  After a welcome cocktail (kids receive a chocolate shake), they simply ask you what else you need.

Fisher Price Toys

Gourmet Inclusive.”  And because a picture speaks a thousand words, I've prepared a story for you to make it fun.

Palms and cabanas on the beach

Because this is about traveling with kids, the story is told from the viewpoint of two friends, Eddie and Sonya Lee, two of the most lovable Fisher-Price Little People. Ready? Click here to see my slide show (when you get there click on the first picture to start it).

Tequila mango shots

Don't you think it is amazing? Now let me show you some of the things adults can enjoy, from cocktails, to food.  The Azul Beach Hotel is part of Karisma Hotels, a company which has several properties in the Mayan Riviera like Sensorati, Azul Fives, and, together with Fisher-Price, are committed to providing the best experience possible for you and your kids.

Two pieces of watermelon
Slow cooked veal

If you would like to learn more about these amazing properties please visit their official website here, or follow them on Twitter @KarismaHotels or Facebook.

white beach

Disclosure:  I’m a proud Fisher-Price Play Ambassador, transportation, lodging and food were provided.  As always my opinions, comments, and love for traveling with kids are solely my own 

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