A Chat with Lily Collins, Snow White in Mirror Mirror

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Lily Collins
Photo courtesy of Relativity Media. All rights reserved

Lily Collins generously granted us an interview a couple of weeks ago where she shares about her role as Snow White, about behind the scenes training, and working with the amazing Julia Roberts.  I hope you enjoy it!

“Filming Mirror Mirror has been an education in itself, learning sword fighting and fencing, and just how to maneuver myself in those large costumes, and singing Bollywood!”  Lily Collins

Did you feel any intimidation about playing such an iconic role like Snow White?

Lily Collins:  I grew up in England in the countryside, and I would run around the yard kind of just making up my own fairytales in my head.  And I think when it comes to fairytale characters, every young girl has their own interpretation of what a fairytale princess is and who she should be.  Even if it's the wrong hair color, it's like, “I'm her, and that's kind of my way of doing it.”

So, I think the script already kind of gave way to a new vision of Snow White, that she already was a modernized version of the classic fairytale character we knew.  It wasn't as much intimidation of trying to stay true to the original, it was just making sure I was someone that young girls could relate to.

Lily Collins and Silvia
Lily Collins and Silvia. All rights reserved.

In the movie you learn how to fight, how did you prepare for the battle scenes?

Lily Collins:  I have always been a really physical person.  I love working out and running and swimming and being outdoors and trying new things.  And I love dancing.  Specifically my love of dance was helpful, because it is very similar to the sword fighting — very choreographed and planned out.

I have never tried any sort of mixed martial arts or anything that was very strategic and defined.  So basically I was starting from scratch, even when it came to the punches.   We worked on sword fighting and fencing training for about four months.  And the interesting part is, though, Armie and I never practiced together until just before shooting the scene.  I practiced with his stunt double and he practiced with mine.

My stunt double was a 16 year old, the daughter of the fight coordinator.  But, she was still in school at the beginning of training, so I was the only girl.  There were all these burly stuntmen, and some were from Cirque du Soleil which was amazing.  I was the girl going, “Please don't think that I can't be as good as you,” because I was thinking I look young.

What was it like to work with Julia Roberts?

Lily Collins:   Our scenes together were interesting.  The first scene I shot with Julia was where I'm yelling at her throne and she pulls my hair.  And the shot that they used, she really did pull my hair. Afterwards, the moment they yelled cut, Julia was apologizing and asking, “Are you okay?”  She'd be mean to me on camera, in character, and the moment they yelled cut, she's back to being this mom who is so lovely and able to switch in and out.

Her kids were on set almost all the time with her, they liked to hide underneath her big gowns.  And first and foremost on set, she was a mother.  And she didn't want her kids seeing her being mean to me, because she didn't want that to taint their vision of her.  Whatever it was, the most important thing is that she's a mom.  And I really respected that about her.

Thanks Lily, it was a true pleasure meeting you.

Lily Collins is a fantastic Snow White, strong, independent, and lovely, watch the trailer here:

Mirror Mirror, opens in theaters Friday, March 30th check out this fun video

Photos courtesy of Relativity Media.  All rights reserved.

Come back next week for an interview with Armie Hammer.

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