Chicken and Pork Tinga with Chipotle and Orange

Chicken and Pork Tinga

    Today’s recipe features a very popular dish in Mexico. Tinga refers to a dish that includes shredded meat and this is one of my favorites. As you know, fresh, natural, quality ingredients are a way of life for Latinas, a tradition passed down from our mothers and grandmothers, and we always use them … Read more

Salsa Verde Recipe

salsa verde -

A few things are always in my kitchen, like limes, avocados, tomatoes, onions, and salsa! Salsa in Mexico usually refers to a delicious mixture of vegetables, herbs, spices and chiles liquified in a blender. Salsas are truly versatile, we pour them on meat, eggs, quesadillas, tacos, tostadas, you name it. By the way, that yummy … Read more

Orange Avocado Salad Recipe

  Para español da click aquí. Avocados are a staple food in our house. We add them to tacos, soups, quesadillas, beans, omelets, sandwiches, and more.  We love avocados not only for their many nutrients, minerals, vitamins, and healthy oils, but also because of their delicious creaminess. Our favorite avocado dish is guacamole which we … Read more

Traditional Mexican Guacamole

Guacamole tradicional by

A lot of friends and family have asked me to share my guacamole recipe. Enjoy! RELATED POST: 25 Delicious Cinco de Mayo Party Ideas Guacamole is an extremely popular Mexican dish or dip. Very versatile, nutritious, and delicious, it’s a must at every party or every day, and it’s super easy to make. My boys … Read more

Silvia’s Mexican Tuna Salad

tostada de atun tuna tostada

Tuna has always been one of my favorite foods; it is versatile, I can buy it almost anywhere, and it is delicious.  My boys also eat it with gusto. I created this recipe when I wanted to have a light and nutritious meal without sacrificing flavor. This one is a winner. Perfect for Lent or on … Read more


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