Orange-Tangerine-Mango-Cream Ice Pops

Spending time in the summer kitchen creating orange-tangerine-mango-cream ice pops with the kids just makes me happy. It reminds me of my childhood. In Mexico, ice pops have enjoyed a long, honored tradition and come in a myriad of flavors.

Orange-Tangerine-Mango-Cream Ice Pops by mamalatinatips

Thanks to the great folks at Juicy Juice® for making this 100% Family Time post possible. As always, my comments, opinions, and drive to spend more time with my family are my own.

My kids love them and ice pops whip up quickly and easily. Yet, in spite of this, their expansion and transformation in the freezer still makes it all a bit magical, and always a lot of fun.

We love preparing cool and refreshing treats together to enjoy as a family after swimming classes, day camps or playdates with friends, especially now that the kids are out of school for the summer.

For my kids, this orange-tangerine-mango ice pop recipe worked perfectly for teaching them how to make their own. It also gave me the chance to spend some 100% family time with them and teach them a couple of simple tricks to make the pops extra special.

For me, they whip up fast, and with time at such a premium, that’s important. I love this particular ice pop’s balance. Its creaminess, citrus notes, and tropical flavor remind me of my hometown.

Another big plus, these pops have no artificial colors, an important consideration for me. And all Juicy Juice® products, which I used for these pops, are made from real juice, with a sweetness that comes only from the fruit with no added sugar – better-for-you beverages that kids love and parents can feel good about. You can make your own pops with your favorite flavors, Juicy Juice® has 16 different flavors in the 100% juice line.

100% Family Time Moments

The best part of making these ice pops? Spending time with the kids. We experimented together and looked for just the right balance. The boys discussed different ways to make the ice pops, resulting in one with a festive, layered look. All in all, we had great fun and really enjoyed our 100% family time.

Above, the traditional style, and below, the boys’ fancy, layered version.

You can make these ice pops in at least these two ways.* Here’s how (remember to give everyone a job to do):

Orange-Tangerine-Mango-Cream Ice Pops

* If you want to make the layered ice pops, mix also an extra 1/4 cup Juicy Juice® Orange Tangerine and an extra 1/4 cup Juicy Juice® Mango in a separate jar and place in the fridge, you won’t need this for the first hour of freezing.

You will need ice pop molds and ice pop sticks.

Pour juices into a jar or measuring cup, this is a very easy task your kids can help you with.

Add whipped cream, sugar and vanilla and mix until sugar dissolves. Pour into the ice pop molds.

For solid ice pops: Pour into the ice pop molds.

For layered ice pops: Fill 1/3 of each ice pop mold.

For solid ice pops: Freeze for an hour or until slightly set, and insert the ice pop sticks.

For layered ice pops: You may need to wait for another hour, or hour and a half, until they are frozen solid. I recommend setting an alarm to check. When the first layer is solid, fill another 1/3 of each mold with the juice mixture from the fridge. Return to freezer. Check 45 minutes later, if it is slightly set, insert the ice pop sticks.

Return to freezer and wait for another 30-45 minutes. When they are solid, add a final, creamy layer.

Freeze for at least 6 hours, overnight is better.

To remove from molds, just run water over the outside of the molds and carefully move the sticks from side to side until the pops come loose.


Speaking of 100% family time, all year we’re celebrating these moments together. We want to help our readers find ways to capture 100% family time moments in the midst of their busy days, too.

Expert Play Tips

You may remember, earlier in the year, I mentioned Juicy Juice® had asked expert Meredith Sinclair, the author of “Well Played: The Ultimate Guide to Awakening Your Family’s Playful Spirit,” to provide families with helpful tips, ideas, and resources for spending time together. She provided specific ideas for scheduling family playtime with fun, DIY crafts made using supplies found around the house, or creating recipes with simple everyday ingredients you have in your fridge or pantry. Here’s just one of her tips in the video below. Find more at the 100% Family Time website here.

After that, be sure to join in the conversation and share your own tips and ideas for creating 100% Family Time moments. Follow Juicy Juice on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest and use the hashtag #JuicyJuiceFamilyTime to take part.

Have fun!

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