Bacon Avocado Garlic Toast with Corn

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Our world is full of classic pairings, like raspberry and chocolate or avocado and bacon. This Bacon Avocado Garlic Toast with Corn transports me back to those days of my youth when my grandma would make me delicious afternoon snacks after school. You know the kinds of foods I mean. Those beautifully delicious, balanced, mini-feasts, both sweet and savory, soft and crunchy, warm and fresh. Even the colors are balanced, right?

Thanks to the great folks at NFRA for making this easy, quick, balanced and tasty meal post possible. As always, my opinions, comments, and love for garlic, avocado, bacon, bread and grandma are my own!

Bacon Avocado Garlic Toast with Corn (whole bread)

I started this recipe with a stroll through the freezer aisle looking for something new to try, meal prep ingredients to stock up on, and different flavors from around the world. My freezer has become my new pantry, so I thought I would share this quick and easy idea to celebrate, since March is Frozen Food Month.

When I discovered this New York Bakery® Bake & Break™ Pull Apart Garlic Loaf in the freezer aisle at my local store, I had a revelation. I love avocados with bacon. I just do. And it occurred to me this perfect pair would be a great topping for this bakery-quality garlic bread, with a little Mexican twist, of course. The loaf takes just about 6 minutes to bake and pulls apart without having to cut it, so it’s a great meal or snack for my boys. No fuss.

Bacon Avocado Garlic Toast with Corn (piece)

After baking the bread, throw on some avocado, bacon, corn, top with herbs and spices and it is so delish! Wow, what a combination!

Corn, bacon and parsley -

I hope you like it. I’m sure you will.

Bacon Avocado Garlic Toast with Corn


Bacon Avocado Garlic Toast with Corn (ingredients)


Pre-heat oven to 425 degrees F.

Chop bacon into small pieces and cook in a pan until crunchy. Remove from pan, pour out all the oil except for one teaspoon. Add corn and let it cook until golden brown.

Bake the garlic loaf according to the instructions on the package while cooking the corn on the stove. Please take into consideration that each oven’s temperature varies a bit. Bake to a golden brown, you want crunchiness, about 6 minutes or a little more. I recommend starting with the time recommendation on the instructions and then checking each minute after to get the look you like.

New York Bakery's Garlic Bread -

New York Bakery Bake and Break -

While the garlic bread is still baking. Chop parsley, then mix with bacon, corn, and red pepper flakes. Set aside.

Wash and slice avocados. I recommend slicing the avocados in the skin. It’s easier, faster and they won’t brown as easily. Then just scoop them out with a spoon. See picture.

Sliced avocado by

Take bread out of the oven, let it cool down for a couple of minutes. Add slices of avocado and top with the bacon-corn mixture and the rest of the parsley.

Bacon Avocado Garlic Toast with Corn by

Salt and pepper to taste, keeping in mind the bacon is salty.

Since I love lemons so much I added a few drops on top of it and it tasted divine, but this is optional (my husband prefers it without lemon).

Pull apart sections to your desired serving size. That’s it. So simple, yet so easy, so fast, and so, so good!

Pan de Ajo Tostado con Aguacate, Tocino y Elote por

For more inspiration during Frozen Food Month, or any time, discover flavors from around the world right in your local supermarket’s frozen and dairy aisles. And be sure to check out the NFRA at, and our “Cool Food Panel” board on Pinterest for even more ideas!

¡Buen Provecho!

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