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Thanks to the great folks at Target for making this post about my favorite family traditions possible. As always, my comments, opinions, and love for traditional Mexican Christmas celebrations are my own.

Earlier, I published a step by step guide to creating a Mexican-style Las Posadas celebration. Las Posadas are traditionally celebrated over 9 days and include colorful fiestas full of song, music, prayer, food, candy, fruit and piñatas. My family, and many others, celebrate Las Posadas from December 16th to the 24th each year. The words Las Posadas mean “the inns,” and is a reference to the inns Joseph and Mary visited in search of a place to stay on the night that baby Jesus was born.

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Now, if you, like me, live in the United States, and you want to celebrate Las Posadas with your immediate family, but maybe you want to share your celebration with extended family who are far away, check out this Long Distance Posada Wonderpack. It may be just the perfect thing for you. It comes with a tambourine for your caminata and Christmas carols,…

Kid playing a tambourine - mamalatinatips.com

…mugs for your warm ponche, atole, hot chocolate, or cafe de olla…

Posada wonderpack - mug - mamalatinatips.com

…sparkler candles (which remind me of the luces de bengala from Mexico)…

Luces de bengala - mamalatinatips.com

… and a selfie stick to catch all the festivities by yourself so you can send photos to loved ones or share them on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.

2 mugs, selfie stick, pandereta

Wonderpacks, simply put, are 12 boxed experiences that can make your holidays fun and fantastic, and they are available for a limited time online at Target.com.

Other wonderpack ideas include:

Couch camping: 1 red Fair Isle throw, Hershey’s s’mores maker machine and mini string lights

Hersheys chocolate, red blanket and lights

Ugly sweater mug makery: 2 sweater mugs, hot cocoa kits, assorted pom poms and an arts & crafts kit that is full of crafting goodness.

2 mugs, hot cocoa kit, pom poms, felt and sticks

And more!

Are you ready for your Las Posadas celebrations?


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