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I love this picture of my son. I love his expression. Is that a frown or an attempt at looking tough? I can't really remember, maybe they lost or his dad told him to look tough. I also love the foot, shin, and knee guards that reach all the way to the bottom of his shirt, and I love how the chest pad hangs off one shoulder.

Maybe I'm just getting soft, but I recently found myself feeling nostalgic and went looking for this picture after doing the laundry.

I was separating his clothes from the hamper and found his baseball trousers. When I saw them I felt a flood of emotion.

I know, right?

I got to thinking about it, and it turns out many bits of laundry have their own stories, this one in particular just got me to thinking about more than one thing.

A&H CleanScentations Baseball uniform

First, there was plenty of ball field ground into those knees, which started me thinking about his first time playing. He played catcher and the equipment was so large it nearly eclipsed him. He loves those baseball pants and would wear them every day if I'd let him.

Second, as often happens with stream of consciousness musings, after thinking about his first time playing, those pants got me to thinking about my grandma, too. She's the one I've mentioned before who wore an apron both every day of her adult life and everywhere she went. Grandma loved cooking for her family, but I thought of her this time because she also loved watching her favorite baseball team play. Nothing got in the way of either cooking for her family or watching her team play. And I mean nothing.

Abuelita con bebé en Navidad

Anyway, so I wondered as I stood next to the clothes washer: Should I take these baseball pants out of the line-up? Out of rotation, as it were? Maybe wash them one last time, frame them, hang them on our wall for memory's sake before they disintegrate on him?

A&H Cleansensations beisball pants laundry

But he loves those pants and, if I take them out of rotation, I feel like I would be taking away some of the fun of childhood. Plus they wouldn't be there to trigger my memory and give me the chance to reminisce as much about his first time playing baseball or my grandma's love for baseball and cooking.

A&H Cleanscentations pouring liquid

A good enough reason, I think, to have an effective and reliable detergent to properly clean precious clothes, especially when it has such a nice scent. ARM & HAMMER™ Clean Scentsations™ laundry detergent is tough on stains and leaves a pleasant fragrance. That way he can wear his baseball trousers longer and keep on making memories, both for him and for me.

Kid playing baseball by

Enjoy those special moments that pop up unexpectedly throughout the day!

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