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This is part of a sponsored collaboration with DiMe Media and Disney Junior. My comments and opinions are my own, as well as my love for writing letters to princesses and playing outdoors with adventurous girls.

What could be more fun than inviting over a group of fun girls to play on a swing, paint faces, eat tea sandwiches and revive the long lost art of creative letter writing by writing a letter to Sofia the First? That's just what happened last week at our “Dear Sofia” writing party. Our aim was for the girls to experience the true pleasure of letter writing, as well as engender the very qualities that our party's inspiration, Sofia the First, embodies herself, qualities like friendship, courage, curiosity, creativity, and adventure. But the best part is my guests will all be receiving a real letter back from Sofia herself! Would you like to try it, too? Read on to find out how to receive a letter from Sofia the First!


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We started with just a little nourishment by serving sweet and savory tea sandwiches in the shape of butterflies to give the girls time to chat and build their relationships before having more adventures. We also had blueberries and bananas to enjoy.

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We served concord grape juice…

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…and after a good two hours of playing on swings, climbing fences and trees, we served almond cake with grape jelly, covered with a grape buttercream.

During the party, the girls took turns having their faces painted by a fantastic mom, Dawn, while the rest of the girls played.

Face painting - purple flower by

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Then the girls got a chance to experience hand writing a letter to Sofia herself. Writing a letter by hand is nearly a lost art, but it was the foundation of many friendships in the past, and hopefully will be again in the future.

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Here are two of our youngest participants writing their letters to Sofia. What they don't know is that they'll be receiving responses from Sofia herself. We don't know when exactly, traditional mail takes a little longer and Enchancia is really quite far away, but Sofia will write back!

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Here, one of our young letter writers is peeling a sticker off a sheet to decorate her letter to Sofia.

I wrote Sofia a Letter sticker by

And this little one proudly displays a sticker acknowledging her letter writing adventure.

Letters to Sofia ready for mailing by

Letters from the older girls were very descriptive and the younger writers just made their special marks, as you can see. The important thing is they had fun and experienced the joy of writing, and, in many cases, it was their very first handwritten letter to be sent by traditional mail. I know they will be thrilled when they receive their responses!

Would you like to join in the fun and print your own stationery and write a letter to Sofia? Just visit the Sofia the First website on Disney Junior to print your own stationery, and get Sofia's address, so you can write a letter to Sofia, too.

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In the meantime, enjoy this short, but very entertaining video, showing Tech savvy kids answering questions about traditional mail (50 seconds: If you are reading this post via email, and cannot see the video, just click on the title of this post at the top of your email to go to Mama Latina Tips to view it, thanks)

This second video is very sweet, too. (30 seconds)

Be sure to tune into Disney Junior to follow Sofia the First’s latest royal adventures, and don't miss the premiere of Sofia the First: The Secret Library, featuring a special appearance by Merida from Brave, Monday, October 12th at 9am/8c on Disney Junior on Disney Channel.


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