A Miles From Tomorrowland Themed Party

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Kids at Miles from Tomorrowland themed party

Thanks to the amazing folks at DisneyJr and DiMe Media for making this end of summer party and post possible. As always my comments, opinions, and love for all things space are my own.

Summer vacation is over now, but it wasn’t until we had one last chance to get together with some friends, celebrate our summer adventures, and blast off the new school year in a special way. We had a Miles from Tomorrowland themed party complete with space treats and test rockets.

Today, I have the coolest tip for you about an amazing contest. If you and your kids like real space rockets blasting off, you won’t want to miss your chance to win a trip to the Kennedy Space Center. I’ll let you know how, but first, here’s a quick mission checklist, in case you’re interested in having a Miles from Tomorrowland themed party of your own.

Space-Inspired Treats

First, we ate some space-inspired treats like moon pizzas: the full moons featured salami, sausage, oregano, cheese, and marinara sauce, and…


space themed pizza moons

…the half-moons were vegetarian with basil, cheese and marinara sauce.

pizza half moons

We enjoyed constellation cupcakes (here are two examples, the Little Dipper and Cassiopeia) as well as…

Chocolate cupcakes with constellations

…fruit rockets made with watermelon, strawberries, and bananas.

table with space themed food

I made sure all the parents got a slice of this delicious mother earth cake, too.

Lemon cake and chocolate cupcakes

Kids making paper rockets

Kennedy Space Center

Next we made rockets inspired by DisneyJr’s Miles from Tomorrowland, and we took pictures of all our guests with their rockets, so they could enter on their own for a chance to win an amazing contest. The contest comes from DisneyJr and includes the chance to win a grand prize trip to the Kennedy Space Center for a real rocket launch! Why not enter for your chance, too?!

Miles Tomorrowland Space Missions Poster

It’s so easy and fun to take part, I hope you will. Just go online to DisneyJunior.com/SpaceMissions and check out the fun tech, vehicle, and planet mission activities inspired by Miles from Tomorrowland.

Kid making a paper rocket

Then, complete an activity and follow the easy steps to submit a photo of your completed activity. That’s it, but don’t wait, the deadline for entry is Monday, August 31, 2015.


Twitter Party

And one last thing: Be sure to Join Miles on his special mission to Mars on Saturday, September 19!

Celebrate the premiere of Miles from Tomorrowland: Space Mission Mars, a special new episode with a Disney Junior Twitter party. Grab your little cosmic explorers, some breakfast, follow #MilesFromTomorrowland on Twitter and join us as we tune in at 8:30 am EST for Miles’ latest adventures with his family. It’s going to be blastastic, with awesome prizes, so we hope that you’ll join us for some intergalactic fun!

Find inspiration for your own Miles from Tomorrowland themed party on my Pinterest-Space Inspired Party board here and on my Pinterest board Miles from Tomorrowland Party Ideas here.



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