A Miles From Tomorrowland Themed Party


Kids at Miles from Tomorrowland themed party

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Summer vacation is over now, but it wasn't until we had one last chance to get together with some friends, celebrate our summer adventures, and blast off the new school year in a special way. We had a Miles from Tomorrowland themed party complete with space treats and test rockets.

Space-Inspired Treats

First, we ate some space-inspired treats like moon pizzas: the full moons featured salami, sausage, oregano, cheese, and marinara sauce, and…

space themed pizza moons

…the half-moons were vegetarian with basil, cheese and marinara sauce.

pizza half moons

We enjoyed constellation cupcakes (here are two examples, the Little Dipper and Cassiopeia) as well as…

Chocolate cupcakes with constellations

…fruit rockets made with watermelon, strawberries, and bananas.

table with space themed food

I made sure all the parents got a slice of this delicious mother earth cake, too.

Lemon cake and chocolate cupcakes

Find inspiration for your own Miles from Tomorrowland themed party on my Pinterest-Space Inspired Party board here.


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