What Moms Really Want for Mother’s Day


What moms really want for Mother's Day

This is the thing. Mother's Day is quickly approaching and I think all moms want to feel appreciated for all the work they do. It is also true that it is hard for moms to say what they really want. So I created an anonymous survey for moms like you and me, and I asked them what they really wanted for Mother's Day (besides World Peace).

Here are the responses I got, by category. Feel free to show it to your partner and/or your kids (or leave this post open on your computer in the family room. I've added some affiliate links for easy shopping!):

Pampering and Time Alone

  • “A massage.”
  • “The opportunity to sleep-in, undisturbed.”
  • “A day to myself! Sleeping-in…Netflix binge-watching, eating pizza and ice cream.”
  • “The house to myself for a day of lazing around!”
  • “A day of rest. Go to a fancy hotel for the day with a spa, pool, room service and TV… Alone!”
  • “A good novel and time to read it.”
  • “I'd love a meal planning/delivery service, or for the entire house to be cleaned while I sit and watch TV with popcorn.”
  • “A getaway–just a night, and not too far is fine.”
  • “A full day of pampering: mani, pedi, massage and margaritas!!”

Choose Own Gift

  • Gift Cards like: Nordstrom, TJMaxx, Michael's or Amazon
  • Cash!

One of the moms was very specific: “1 BIG gift card to buy clothes and shoes.”

For the Techie Moms

Priceless Gifts

  • “A day of outdoor adventures with my son.”
  • “A night alone with my husband.”
  • “A nice day out with the family on the beach.”
  • “A weekend with my family with no TV, no phone and no wi-fi.”
  • “Hand-made gifts from my children.”
  • “For the kids to clean out the closet, help keep things clean, save me time from doing it myself! Also, time together doing stuff, not so much material things.”
  • “Spend the whole day doing nothing but having fun with my kids.”
  • “I would love to receive lots of love and wellness for Mother's Day.”
  • “A day off! No cleaning, cooking, walking the dog, or helping with homework.”

Other Gifts

  • Somebody asked for The Plantpower Way cookbook by Rich Roll & Julie Piatt
  • “We are all Star Wars and superheroes fans in this house and my son said that he told my husband that he wanted to buy me a Star Wars necklace. That would be just perfect!” Check out some Star Wars gifts for women here and Superheroes gifts for women here.
  • Flowers
  • “For my sewing room to be completed! It's currently in progress.”
  • Jewelry
  • “Pandora style beads from my kids' birth months and a day of no decision making. :)”
  • “A weekend getaway to a near place, with a nanny.”
  • “A person to come and do my laundry once a week (wash, dry, fold, and put away).”
  • “Plane tickets to visit my family in México.”
  • “A new makeup set that includes all the basics: makeup, concealer, eye shadows, mascara, etc.”
  • “Subscription to a half marathon (San Francisco or Santa Barbara) all expenses covered.”

What would you like? I hope you get it!

Happy Mother's Day

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