50,000 Poinsettias

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Poinsettias always remind me of Christmas time in México. Each year my mom gets one or two or even three different potted poinsettias, or Nochebuenas as we refer to them in Spanish, to decorate her home.

A few weeks back I had dinner in a sea of them and I just had to share these photos with you. As you know I have been a Lowe's Creative Ideas Network Ambassador for a few years, and for the first time ever this year all the Ambassadors got together at Lowe's Headquarters in North Carolina. It was a great experience I have to say, very inspiring!

On the first evening the folks at Lowe's served us dinner at Metrolina, a massive place with 150 acres of greenhouses in Charlotte, NC. They are a family business and one of the main flower providers for Lowe's. I remember getting out of the bus, seeing all these decorated carts (see below) and thinking, “where are going to now?”

Metrolina greenhouses carts

Well, as we drove, the temperature started to rise and we arrived at our table which looked out over this incredible panorama of poinsettias– over 50,000 of them!



Here's a daytime photo so you can get a little idea of just how far those poinsettias go!


Metrolina greenhouses dinner site with poinsettias

We learned that these poinsettias changed their green color to bright red after 3 straight months of total darkness! We also learned that they are not as poisonous as a lot of people believe. But of course please don't eat them!

Now let me share three more pictures. First, I know the poinsettias capture all the attention, but look at the table, those little trees on the table are made of sand paper, can you believe it?

Christmas table decorations

I thought the lanterns looked amazing and gave off a soft light at night.

Christmas table setting

This was the dessert table, more great ideas, I liked the plaid on top of the red table.

Dessert table

It was a memorable night.

Finally, here's a photo with the whole team of Ambassadors.

Lowe's Creative Ideas Network Ambassadors

Seasons Greetings,

Silvia Martinez
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