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Christmas Piñata Ornament

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There's no argument that we are a fused family. We mix, match, blend and fuse our two cultures together in a myriad of ways.

My kids love that I'm completely unable to say no to any fiesta from either side of the family. That way, they know they're in for at least twice as much fun, and usually twice as many goodies, most of the time. We have so many traditions at this time of year, in fact, that it's pretty much non-stop from Thanksgiving to Dia de los Reyes in January.

Thanksgiving is the start and the perfect example of how we fuse our lives together. It's not a Mexican holiday, but, as Americans, we celebrate it con gusto. We cook a turkey with all the fixings- pumpkin pie, cranberries, etc. But we are likely to give that big turkey a twist, like make it with chipotle and chile ancho in adobo sauce!

And, of course, after the big meal, we push the tables aside and dance! What can I say? That's what we do!


At Christmastime, my husband's family traditionally opens presents on Christmas Day. But in Mexico, we open our presents both just after midnight on Christmas and again on Día de los Reyes, the day we celebrate the arrival of the Magi with their gifts at Bethlehem.

So now my little family opens presents both on Christmas and on Día de los Reyes, and we share a Rosca de Reyes on January 5th.

Cutting the rosca de reyes

You see why my kids like it so much?!

Finding a suprise in the Rosca de Reyes

Both the Mexican and the America sides of our family decorate Christmas trees. In Mexico, we used exactly the same ornaments every year, but in the USA, we add new ornaments each year to reflect what happened during the year.

Adding ornaments

On New Year's Eve, we watch the ball drop with everyone else, but we also have a few Mexican traditions we blend in, too. At midnight, we eat 12 grapes and make 12 wishes for the new year, and then we sweep the house to rid it of the old in order to receive the blessings of the New Year!

That's our fusion!

What is your fusion?

You are a unique fusion, too, representing two or more cultures in every celebration. There's a place that represents you, Orgullosa.com.

I'm pleased to announce that I am the Orgullosa Holiday Ambassador for Charmin which means I'll get to share a couple of videos with tips on how to help make your guests feel special and how to get the house ready for visitors during the holidays.  All this is made possible by Orgullosa.com and strong, dependable Charmin. Since we all need to go, we might as well Enjoy the Go!




Enjoy the holidays!

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