5 Back to School Clothes Shopping Tips

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5 Back to School Clothes Shopping Tips by mamalatinatips.com

Disclosure: Thanks to the great folks at Target for sponsoring and making this post possible. My comments, opinions, and desire to make back-to-school shopping as painless as possible are my own.

Last year’s back-to-school shopping was a bit of a mess. Back then, I made a “note to self” on what not to do next time. Well, it’s next time. And instead of listing what not to do, I thought I would turn that list on its head and offer five tips for back-to-school shopping (each learned the hard way).


Tip 1

Do involve your kids in choosing the clothes they will wear.

Shopping with kids can be challenging in almost every way. But not involving them has it’s challenges, too. One of my boys can be very finicky about clothes he doesn’t have a say in choosing, and the other seems very sensitive to anything “scratchy.” This year we got the boys to “buy in” to the shopping adventure by having them first check what was available at target.com, then making a list. Having them arrive at the store with a list of their own made the trip much more fun and efficient than last year. It became a kind of detective game, looking for the right item, size, style, and color.

Tip 2

Remember they are going to grow during the year.

Last year, my boys were wearing high-waters by the end of the school year. This year, we wanted to plan for their growth better. We looked for relaxed fit jeans and bought both slightly larger jeans for now as well as the next size up for the end of the year. (It’s hard for all four of us to get back to the store once the extra-curricular activities start.)


Tip 3

Don’t forget dress clothes.

Remember, back-to-school also means photo day, holiday concerts, and other dress-up days as well. Last year we bought plenty of t-shirts and jeans, but forgot dress shirts and shoes.


Tip 4

Don’t forget the weather.

It’s warm now, but 4 months from now it will be a different story. Where we live layering is very important as the weather can change in seconds, and then change back again.


Tip 5

Split the kids up at the store.

If it’s an option, try splitting the kids up at the store. My husband took one and I took the other. We found this helped each focus on his own shopping with fewer distractions and allowed for each boy’s individuality to shine without being influenced too much by the other. After they each found their own clothes individually, we used the family fitting room (what a stroke of genius that invention is) to share and compare choices and make sure everything fit all at once.


What a difference from last year. In about two hours, we found everything we needed for the school year at Target. My son kept mentioning how soft the clothes were and I kept marveling at the low prices. The family fitting room was fantastic, making it all faster and easier.

I learned that listening more closely to what my kids liked and needed really helped make our shopping more efficient and pleasant. For example, my younger son was very easy-going about most choices, but when it came to t-shirts with graphics, he was very particular.

Truly amazing how affordable it all was.

Happy Shopping,


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45 thoughts on “5 Back to School Clothes Shopping Tips”

  1. I like these tips you shared, they are great reminders to me. I tend to forget kids are growing through the year while shopping their clothes.

  2. I had many of these same issues last year and now I make sure to have my kids with me and try to size up as much as possible. Great tips!

  3. These are all such wonderful and helpful tips for back to school shopping. I always let my kids help out in the picking of what they like, but I do forget about tip 2 a lot. Need to keep this one in mind more.

  4. these are great tips. I like the one where you say dont forget dress up clothes, since this is something we tend to always forget.

  5. All of these are great tips, but the First one is the best-Do involve your kids in choosing the clothes they will wear. If your child hates the clothes you pick out, this will be such a terrible problem-I think it can affect a child’s self esteem if they wear clothes they hate. I could not pick out my own clothes and my Mom made me wear awful dresses.

  6. Great tips! My boys like to help pick out their clothes too. Many times they’ve balked at wearing something I picked out without them.

  7. I heartily agree with your first tip: “Do involve your kids in choosing the clothes they will wear.” I think kids will be inclined to actually wear the clothes you buy is they have some say in what is purchased!

  8. These are all great tips! I especially like the tip about the change in weather. That’s one you don’t want to forget about! I try to buy clothing that my grandsons can use for layering in case it’s chilly in the morning but warm by the afternoon.

  9. Great tips, even though this school year, I’m shopping for my daughter, who will be attending 2nd grade. I’m almost done shopping, just need shoes and hair accessories, I always have in mind, letting my daughter choose her clothes but always having in mind, its for appropriate for school. All your tips are very helpful and I agree with your tip #1 & #3 …

  10. These are great tips Tip 1 is my favorite. It’s best to have them help pick things out or you might be wasting your time on shopping for stuff they wont wear.

  11. Love the reminder that they will grow! My daughter wanted to pick out everything that fit her now and nothing to grow in to. I might be making some exchanges… 🙂 Thanks for the tips!

  12. “Don’t forget the weather” is key because it’s SO HOT during back to school shopping! There WILL be a time when they need winter coats!

  13. These are all great tips. I really like the tip on remembering that your child will need clothes for all kinds of weather.

  14. Oh wonderful tips! We are going to head out soon to get Carters back to school clothes and I have to remember these. Especially the growing one!!!

  15. Great Helpful Tips! My Kids Love Choosing Their Clothes Each School Year, It’s Fun To Involve Them, Plus They Will Wear The Clothes Because They Helped Pick It Out!

  16. These are really great tips and I agree with them. I wish my son enjoyed picking out his clothes more. he’d rather I pick it all out, lol (he’s only 7, so I know that’ll change)

  17. Great tips for back to school. We forgot about dress up clothes this year but even though school started already, I’ve still got a bit of shopping to do.

  18. I love #1. My son is ultra-picky about how comfortable his clothes are. Those adjustable pants with the buttons on the inside of the waist band? No way, those little buttons hurt his bony little body 🙂

  19. Great tip is to don’t forget dress clothes. I do this every year and then when they need them, I am out hunting the night before the event.

  20. Tip # 1 for sure. Involving the kids in choosing clothes is very important. We also have them pick out their school supplies from the list and it helps them get excited and feel part of the process.

  21. I like your tip that they will grow during the year; I don’t remember thinking this (while shopping) when my kids were small.

  22. These are all great tips! Thank you for putting them together! I like letting your kids pick out their clothes, I think it shows their personality!

  23. Both of my children hate shopping for clothes. I will take our daughter and he takes our son shopping. I save money by staying away from name brands and buying at consignment stores.

  24. Don’t forget the weather is my fave tip. Weather can be so unpredictable and you have to be prepared for all sorts. Sometimes, it can be pretty in the morning and be raining by the afternoon. You have to make sure they prepare for the good weather as well as the cold and rainy times. Layering is a great option as well as a having a rain poncho in their backpack at all times. You can buy one at Big Lots, etc. and they come in a small pouch that is easily stored.

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