How to Make Colorful Rope Coasters – DIY

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Colorful Rope Coasters
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Summer has arrived and, in our house, that means more get-togethers with family and friends. Not long ago we picked up some new plates, glasses, and some other pretty things to use in our patio for celebrations. But I just realized that I don't have coasters, so I decided to make some at home.

I thought it would be best to use nylon rope for the bulk of it because it's easy to work with and gives the coasters a coastal feeling, like the sheets of a sailboat, which is exactly what I was looking for.

How to Make Colorful Rope Coasters


  • White rope. I used solid braid synthetic clothesline rope
  • Multi-color Dazzle twine
  • White twine
  • Natural Cork Roll
  • Glue gun
  • Scissors

collage with a process on how to make colorful rope coasters


Cut the cork in 4 inch diameter circles, I made six. Set them aside.

Take one cork circle and the white rope. Wrap the white rope to create a circle in order to know how much you need to cover the entire cork. Make sure to add a couple of extra inches for good measure. In my case, I cut them at two yards, or 72 inches, each. Cut ropes for the number of coasters you want.

Take one of the colored twines and cut the number of pieces you want at any length you prefer. I used varying lengths. For example, I cut 18 pieces at 4 inches for one coaster, and 12 pieces at 10 inches for another. It all just depends on what you prefer.

Before starting I recommend using some white twine to whip the end of the nylon rope to prevent fraying. If you want, you can use colored twine, instead.

Once you have the ropes and pieces of twine ready, heat up the glue gun and carefully glue one end of a piece of twine near the end of one of the white ropes.

Then wrap the colored twine and finish by gluing the other end of the twine when you reach the end of it. Repeat with all the pieces of twine, spacing them out evenly along the rope (See photos above).

Take one of the cork circles and, with your glue gun, carefully place a nickle sized circle of glue in the center. Position one end of one of the ropes on the center of the cork. Continue adding glue to the cork as you go and wrap the rope around the center until you have a circle that covers most of the cork.

Take special care to finish your circle with colored twine. With the scissors, cut the rope right where the colored twine ends. In this way, the rope will be cleanly finished and not look frayed. Stick a little bit of glue at the end of the rope to keep it from unraveling, for good measure.

Finally, with the scissors, cut off any cork that might be showing out from under the cord if there is any. My coasters are not perfect circles, they are more like ovals, which is fine.

That's all! Easy right?


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Enjoy the Summer!

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