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Cozumel Waters

The Blue Waters of Cozumel

It’s been pretty cold recently, so it’s always about this time I prune my roses back. I guess they like pruning when it's cold. I don’t know if it’s right, someone just told me once to do it every January 15th, so that’s pretty much what I do and it seems to have worked out fine. But the point is, even if the roses like it, for me it’s a little too cold right now. So it’s at times like these I find myself daydreaming about being somewhere warm and sunny like Hawaii or Cozumel or Jamaica or pretty much anywhere in the Caribbean.


If it’s cold where you are, the Caribbean might be sounding pretty good to you right now, too. So I thought, to warm things up for you, it would be fun to share some images from an extraordinary trip I took a few weeks back.

And, what’s more, with the cold, dark nights right now, I was hoping it might inspire someone out there, maybe you, to start looking forward to the warm, sunny days to come, and possibly even spend a little time with your vision board envisioning a sunny vacation escape. How does that sound?

Ok, so here it is, a little inspiration!


Royal Caribbean Cruise in Cozumel


We went on a cruise! I know, amazing right? And as if that weren’t enough, we went on the largest cruise ship in the world, Royal Caribbean’s Allure of the Seas. If you have any doubts about what that means, I can assure you–that means very grand and very well appointed!!

Allure of the Seas

We sailed from Florida, to Haiti, then to Cozumel and back to Florida, and we had an incredible time. Here are a few photos to give you just a little idea of all the amazing amenities and activities available on the ship:

100 Voyage Party Allure of the Seas

100th Voyage Party on the Promenade

Carrousel in Allure of the Seas

The Carousel

zipline in royal Caribbean Allure of the Seas

Zip Line

Sunset at Haiti

Sunrise over Haiti

Rock Climbing Wall on Allure of the Seas

Two massive rock climbing walls

Flow Rider aboard Royal Caribbean Allure of the Seas

Flowrider for surfing on board the ship


Water Show

But what about the kids? If you have kids, maybe you’re thinking you can’t possibly take them on a cruise with you. Positively untrue! In part two, I’m going to show you the extraordinary lengths to which Royal Caribbean has gone, enlisting the help of Fisher-Price, Dreamworks, and many others, to feed, entertain, educate, protect, serve and create lifelong memories for even the youngest cruisers. Plus, I’ll tell you about some of the special things they do to help parents get time for themselves to see shows, have a date night, or just relax.

Power Wheels aboard Royal Caribbean Allure of the Seas

Power wheels for kids

Stay tuned!

Disclosure: I sailed on the Allure of the Seas as a guest of Royal Caribbean in my capacity as a Fisher-Price Play Ambassador. As always my comments, opinions and love for traveling are my own.

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