Winter in Yosemite

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Editor's Note: This is part three in a series by our gal in Yosemite Valley, YOmom, who lives and plays with her kids in the Range of Light.


Odds & Ends

The Village Store is closed and being remodeled until February 16th, so if you need sundry items, Degnan's Deli (shuttle stop 4) is open from 7 a.m. to 8 p.m. They do carry a few emergency and grocery items: diapers, formula & baby food, breakfast items, soup, sandwiches and chili. A warm fireplace and some seating is available. Restrooms do have changing tables and are ADA accessible.

As of this writing, gas is not available in Yosemite Valley, so fill up before coming…there are stations available at Wawona (Hwy 41) and Crane Flat (Hwy 120), but the El Portal station (Hwy 140) is currently closed. Chains are required to be carried in all vehicles (even if you have 4 wheel drive). Carry warm blankets to keep kids and nursing mom warm while the car is parked if chains need to be put on. Keep an emergency kit in the car & a bag of snacks, dry clothes, a few books, flashlights for each kid, car games and water easily accessible. Sometimes delays on the road can happen, so being prepared with diversions such as glow sticks & stars, organic lollipops, window markers and audio stories downloaded to your phone (try Maestro Classics) can make a forced stop bearable. Keep all food and scented items (like chapstick & lotion) consolidated so it's easy to bring in to your room or store in a bear locker. Remember kids aren't as thirsty when its cold, but our higher elevation and dry climate can cause dehydration with symptoms such as headaches and constipation. Keep them drinking by offering juice-boxes, water (it's delicious here!), cocoa and juicy fruits such as apples and tangerines. Nursing moms, be sure to keep especially hydrated for your baby and yourself. Just in case, the medical clinic located in Yosemite Valley is open daily from 9 a.m. to 5 p.m.. Check current weather and road conditions at the NPS Yosemite General information number (209-372-0200).

As I write this, my husband came in from getting wood for the fire. “You know what I like about this winter weather?” he asked… “the quiet…it's so quiet outside!” Enjoy the quiet as you visit. Take time to look for animal prints, listen to the coyote howl, gaze at the splendor of the majestic peaks and stars surrounding this little piece of wilderness heaven…and enjoy!

Half DomeYOmom is a resident of Yosemite National Park. Her husband and two homeschooling children have helped her to fully appreciate mountain living. She has added putting chains on car tires & using a wood splitter to her skill set, but prefers enjoying the outdoors during the daytime and NOT camping at night. She holds a B.A. in English and an MDiv from Fuller Theological Seminary. She loves cross-cultural experiences and trying new things. YOmom hopes her tips will help make your visit to Yosemite a happy experience.


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