Don’t Forget the Chicken Soup!

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This post comes courtesy of the great folks at Kimberly-Clark, who asked me to provide tips for helping parents stretch their budgets even further as part of their Pick Up The Values campaign. My comments, opinions, and love for chicken soup are my own.

I saw on TV yesterday that some economists have predicted that the median wage for Americans will continue to go down until….wait for it….2050! Tú creés? (Can you believe that?)

Of course they could be wrong. And it never means our wages have to go down.

But whatever the future holds, it doesn’t hurt to think of new and better ways to stretch our dollars a little further. (Here’s a teaser: Be sure to tune in tomorrow, Friday the 6th, to find out about my first Pick Up the Values related giveaway and how to enter for a chance to win the first of many fantastic giveaways. There’s nothing like free stuff for helping dollars stretch a little further.)

In that spirit, today and continuing for the next few weeks, I’ll be sharing a few ideas on how we can make it easier to get through that mid-month gap. You know the one, that time of the month when the first paycheck has already run its course and the second hasn’t quite made its way home yet.

In Mexico, where I grew up, my family was always very efficient at stretching its budget. One of the things I noticed when I first came to California was how some folks seemed to miss an important step when serving chicken. So in case you haven’t tried this yourself, try this out.

First, make sure to buy the whole chicken including the neck which is cheaper per pound anyway. On the first day of chicken, we often bake the whole thing including the neck in the oven. On the second day, we pull the leftovers out of the fridge to make chicken tacos.

Now here’s the part I often see people skip. I still remember jumping up and reaching out just a moment too late as I watched someone throw the remains of the chicken into the trash at this point in the process.

With the remaining bones and the neck, which actually have a tremendous amount of meat and flavor still attached to them, we make chicken soup for the next day.

There you have it. Maybe you already include this step when you cook chicken, but if not, try it out. Yummy chicken soup for the extra cost of just a few vegetables.

Tomorrow, that great giveaway.

And remember to visit Pick Up the Values to find coupons and Pick Up the Values Facebook page to get many great tips on helping stretch your dollars.

Be thrifty and have fun!



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